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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by dre, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. dre

    dre Guest

    I think about situation in early 90ties and now. Then
    we had consoles, PCs and Amiga (n other home comp.)

    Now, if we want to play, there is only console vs pc.
    Why today nobody want to develop a home computer?
    I think about some closed-configuration computer (like console,
    not PC), but able to use standard pc features (www, e-mail,
    usenet, movie watching, mp3, radio, graphic, txt editors, sth like
    excell and other stuff).
    _It would be some console-pc hybrid, like for example
    Amiga 500 or Atari ST was._

    You can say: just buy low-end PC for txt,www etc. and console
    for games - ok, but console games are different than pc games,
    and comp. games i like too.

    Why there is no computer model with console's 'long life' and with pc
    tis console-pc hybrid, like in older times?

    Today's graphic for me is ql enough to enjoy me for long time.
    If i had for example "Amiga 2004" - and if would be regular new
    soft and amigas2004 versions of pc games (like in 80-90ties was),
    i would want this computer even if this A2004 versions of games would
    be worse than the same games on new super-ultra-hiper PCies.

    I wouldn't care about Pixel SHaders v3 or sth.

    But i have to care about this pixel shaders and other things now, cause
    if i don't i will not have new PC games...

    PS. I never had Amiga, this post isn't about memories -
    I just don't want to change some part of
    comp. every year, i'm not a maniac - but i want new soft.
    PPS. I dont want to see new Win version in every 3 years too:>
    dre, Sep 13, 2004
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