Holy Crap! Has this ever happened to you?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jay, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Jay

    Jay Guest

    Jay, Feb 18, 2008
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  2. i wonder what he is hiding from?
    ~^ beancounter ~^, Feb 18, 2008
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  3. Jay

    Annika1980 Guest

    'It would appear the victim, an amateur photographer who enjoys taking
    snaps of London street scenes, was taking shots on escalators when a
    member of the public took exception to having his photo taken and
    asked him to delete the photo,' said PC Ben Dawson.

    'The photographer told him he could not delete the shot as it was not
    a digital camera.


    Then the Luddite should have been punched in the face.
    Annika1980, Feb 18, 2008
  4. LOL, who else but you would come up with this?
    Peter Stavrakoglou, Feb 18, 2008
  5. Jay

    George Kerby Guest

    If he told him that it was not a *Canon* digital camera, that is...
    George Kerby, Feb 19, 2008
  6. Jay

    Nervous Nick Guest

    I was shooting the Orange Parade in Belfast on 12 July 2000 (a huge
    Protestant holiday, especially that year) when a guy came out of the
    crowd from across the street and lunged at me. Apparently I had
    violated some Orange rule that you "don't break the ranks" when I
    started to cross the road between two parade groups.

    Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to get a couple of
    shots off as this guy came across the street at me. At the time I was
    carrying two T-90s and an AE1-P, and I distinctly remember being ready
    to hit that guy upside the head with the AE1-P.

    Fortunately, a couple of the guy's less-inebriated mates intervened on
    time, and I was spared an "international incident".

    A few weeks after this--in fact, on the day before I had to start back
    to the US via London, I was taking some architectural shots of Belfast
    when a guy came up to me and introduced himself, saying he was one of
    the guys who had restrained his friend at the parade. He apologized
    for his friend, and, knowing that I was a journalist, sat down and
    talked to me for quite some time from the Protestant perspective of
    what was going on there, politically and such.

    It was rather heartwarming, to listen to this guy defend his culture
    and community, even though I know that he had assumed that any
    journalist coming from the States would almost automatically have
    Republican sympathies.

    I am just glad to have avoided an ass-whuppin.
    Nervous Nick, Feb 19, 2008
  7. Jay

    John Navas Guest

    Probably would have destroyed the AE-1. I'd have used a T-90,
    affectionately known as the "tank", which has been known to survive much
    worse than that. My T-90 is easily my favorite film camera.
    John Navas, Feb 19, 2008
  8. Jay

    Matt Ion Guest

    Assault charges, now...
    Matt Ion, Feb 19, 2008
  9. Jay

    hottysilotti Guest

    I have been doing serious street photography for 3 years now, and I
    have been questioned by the cops at least four times about what I'm up
    to. They always take down my personal Info. I can only imagine what
    they did with that.
    hottysilotti, Feb 19, 2008
  10. Jay

    Nervous Nick Guest

    I loved those T-90s! Until they both got stolen along with thousands
    of dollars worth of glass, etc. and effectively put me out of the
    freelance/on-spec business. That's why it was a no-brainer to
    reflexively grasp the AE-1. Sure, it would have destroyed the camera,
    but think of what it might have done to that dude's face.
    Nervous Nick, Feb 19, 2008
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