Hey, Please help, unusual problem with our email system.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by md, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. md

    md Guest

    Hi. Beginning on Friday, we had the strangest problem arise ...
    We have a small office with about 8 PC computers. We are hooked in to the
    internet thru our partial T1 line, and emails go out thru our ISP's smtp
    server and emails come in thru our webhosting company (also mailhosting
    company)'s email server.

    Using Outlook and Outlook Express we can each send and receive emails (as
    it should be) BUT we can't send and receive to OURSELVES. This is NOT an
    internal email system, we send out thru our ISP even emails to ourselves.
    1. We can send and receive mail to/from anyone EXCEPT ourselves.
    2. We can send to ourselves thru a Yahoo or other outside or otherwise
    routed mail.
    3. There is no error message, if we send an email to another person with
    our name.com, it just doesnt get there.
    4. I can send it to myself and others internally from my HOME computer
    which uses a different ISP, (i.e., different SMTP server out)


    COINCIDENCE OR WHAT???/The only thing that happened during the time it
    stopped working was that I
    set up a network printer connection (with a HP JetDirect network address) on
    someone's new PC running XP. I cannot imagine why that would interfere as
    we pulled up an IP address for the printer but that should have nothing to
    do with the email system. Further, I turned off that computer and the
    printer but Still no emails. Where are they going? We also shut down the
    whole network
    and I turned off our hub/routers and then fired everything on. No help.

    MY webhost company, which also hosts our email server says they think this
    is a
    problem where my ISP's router (outgoing SMTP) can't 'speak' to their
    particular router somewhere on the net. But can speak to most/all others.
    He said this problem should fix in hours to days. But it hasn't after 3

    ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME. (pls understand we know little about how this stuff
    works, so use small words). Could it be some weird errant printer setup?



    info (at) kramden.net
    md, Apr 5, 2004
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  2. md

    pcbutts1 Guest

    Your email host ISP should have a web based email portal have you checked
    there to see if any of the messages are on the server? Has anyone on your
    network gotten a virus recently?
    pcbutts1, Apr 6, 2004
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  3. md

    JabberSmith Guest

    Have your host check to verify the MX record lookup occuring on the SMTP
    server you are using is going the right place. To do that, they'll have to
    use a resolver on the server itself to find out what the MX comes back as,
    if it is correctly pointing to your web host or not.

    Also use this site here: www.dnsreport.com to put in your domain to see
    where MX goes for the outside world, that's where it should go for your SMTP
    server too.

    It sounds a lot like the ISP does your DNS too, and put in more information
    in DNS than they should have, mainly, they probably put THEIR email server
    in there instead of the one of your web hosting provider. So emails sent to
    yourself stay on that SMTP server instead of going out as they should.
    JabberSmith, Apr 7, 2004
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