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Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by wes40oz, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. wes40oz

    wes40oz Guest

    something hit my computer, cant figure out what but it killed both OS's, let
    me explain

    windows (32 bit or 64bit) will not boot anymore, getting blue screen of
    death, number of errors,


    event log in x64 - event ID 1003 (many times every boot when it was working)

    the BSOD's from 32 are useless info and usually just reboot (wont even go
    into windows)

    x64 just sits on a blank screen when chosen to boot.

    I reinstalled 32bit windows, it worked for a while, ran chkdisk on both
    32bit and 64bit drives, along with virus scan, and all the good anti spyware
    software. also replaced NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM, the 64 bit kernal, and of
    course hal.dll from the recovery consol. both OS's booted for a couple days
    then all of a sudden quit. systems specs below.

    this all happened over night. now I am no longer able to boot either
    windows, can't get into safe mode of either OS with out hitting a BSOD, try
    to boot from the windows disk (from either OS) and get a BSOD, x64 is giving
    me "can't find file..." every time I boot from it's CD, the file is
    different every time. so I am at a loss of what is going on here...

    full system specs and installed software,

    gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI
    2 XFX GTX 7800 IN SLI (256mb ram versions)
    4GB OCZ platinum ram (2-3-2-3 1T)
    4800+ AMD x2
    850 watt PC Power and Cooling PSU
    Creative Audigy zx2 plat
    All water cooled (this part of the system is working, good flow, great

    office XP, Symantec 10, netscreen remote 8.6 (for VPN connection to my
    and half life 2, spyware programs: Microsoft's, spybot, adaware

    All drivers are updated, all definitions for antivirus and spyware are

    any ideas as what is going on?
    wes40oz, Dec 15, 2005
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  2. wes40oz

    Jud Hendrix Guest

    Memory problem? Pull out all the sticks, and stick 'm in one by one.

    Are you overclocking? If so, you need to lower your settings.

    Jud Hendrix, Dec 15, 2005
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  3. wes40oz

    wes40oz Guest

    also need to add something to this, the repair install on the OEM x64 disk
    never works...
    wes40oz, Dec 15, 2005
  4. wes40oz

    Rick Guest

    It has worked for me on at least 2 different occasions.
    Rick, Dec 15, 2005
  5. wes40oz

    wes40oz Guest

    normal clock speed, that water cooling is just a fun hobby, I'll test the
    memory but 2 were just replaced and the motherboard usually screams when
    there is a tiny thing wrong

    I'm thinking this may be something else, I will try above though. searching
    through Microsoft support, NVIDIA etc, its saying driver problems, memory,
    software, hardware, even a possible virus... wtf


    I will also make sure the bios setting are correct, have some to test out
    from NVIDIA, also check timings on the ram...

    but if anyone has any other ideas it would be greatly appreciated! I have
    about 20 pages of crap to try tonight after work, joy.

    wes40oz, Dec 15, 2005
  6. I used it the first day I had the system and it worked just fine.
    Colin Barnhorst, Dec 15, 2005
  7. Have you moved the computer?
    Colin Barnhorst, Dec 15, 2005
  8. wes40oz

    wes40oz Guest

    it has worked once for me, the other times it wants to install another
    installation of x64 on the same disk...

    wes40oz, Dec 15, 2005
  9. wes40oz

    Rick Guest

    Although I have not had that occur with Win x64, I did have that
    situation with XP Pro 32-bit, but resolved it by turning off the
    computer and starting over. Apparently there are times when the
    installation doesn't pickup all the needed information.

    Yesterday XP 32-bit even told me it couldn't find the computer
    processor, yet it was in fact running the installation. I shut down the
    computer and started over again. It worked correctly the second time.
    Rick, Dec 15, 2005
  10. wes40oz

    wes40oz Guest

    wes40oz, Dec 15, 2005
  11. wes40oz

    wes40oz Guest

    nope been in the same place for 3 months, thing weighs about 100 pounds...
    wes40oz, Dec 15, 2005
  12. You serious? Gosh, why?
    Extended64 |
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    Andre Da Costa, Dec 15, 2005
  13. wes40oz

    wes40oz Guest


    have you heard of this one?? Its new to me in my 10 years experience this
    has never happened before, maybe only affect one OS but not both...

    100 pounds = huge well aluminum case, 25 pounds, 10 hard drives, probably 20
    pounds if not more, the power supply weighs almost 10 pounds if not more,
    almost 3 liters of glycol coolant, the chipset coolers in total probably
    weigh 20 pounds, 3 radiators, I guess it all adds up, when I moved to my
    town home, man was that thing hard to get up the stairs, took 3 people (it
    was in its original padded box) its a beast, nuff said I guess, the ram
    probably weighs 3 to 4 pounds in total. adding more coolers to it, its
    almost anchored to my carpet, good thing it has wheels... haha

    wes40oz, Dec 15, 2005
  14. That is probably because of a wrong turn in the choices you are making. You
    have bypassed the second 'R' choice.
    Colin Barnhorst, Dec 15, 2005
  15. And the power supply output is?

    Colin Barnhorst [MVP Windows - Virtual Machine]
    (Reply to the group only unless otherwise requested)
    Colin Barnhorst, Dec 15, 2005
  16. wes40oz

    Colin Nowell Guest

    Sounds like it needs to be about a Gigawatt! Lol!

    Colin Nowell, Dec 15, 2005
  17. I can't imagine his electricity bill, thats gotta be a server.
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    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Dec 15, 2005
  18. I'd buy one helluva static mat!

    Colin Barnhorst [MVP Windows - Virtual Machine]
    (Reply to the group only unless otherwise requested)
    Colin Barnhorst, Dec 15, 2005
  19. wes40oz

    Colin Nowell Guest


    (I'd certainly keep all sources of water away!)

    Colin Nowell, Dec 15, 2005
  20. wes40oz

    wes40oz Guest

    950 watt peak, hey it needs it, just remember, gas is more expensive right
    now then electricity! its about 10 bucks a month if I keep it on all of the

    yes, server it is, if you know water cooling, you know you test it out, but
    leak or not, its pure glycol, not conductive, mct-5 stuff i think sold it.. just don't drink it..

    wes40oz, Dec 15, 2005
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