help with voip using cisco router with voip modules

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by ike lozada, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. ike lozada

    ike lozada Guest

    Hi Y'all,

    Dont know if this is the right place to ask this but here goes...

    we have a remote branch office that does not have any connection to
    the PSTN since there are no telephone lines there but they need to be
    able to communicate among themselves, the head office and PSTN. we're
    thinking of implementing voip. here is our first try at a setup

    remote branch Head office
    analog phones -> PBX ->router--->internet <---router<--PBX<--analog
    The PBX is needed so that they can users at the remote branch can talk
    to each other, internet is used since that is the only available

    Basically, the remote branch must be able to talk among themselves,
    talk to the head office, and must be able to dial in to the local PSTN
    avoiding long distance charges. (i.e., remote branch talks to the head
    office as a local number, to the PSTN via the head office connection
    to the PSTN. we're thinking of using ip pbx/phones but we're concerned
    that there might still be a 100m limit of the utp cables, thus users
    from the remote branch might not be able to talk with each other?. any

    thanks in advance
    ike lozada, Dec 28, 2003
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  2. ike lozada

    Rob Guest


    IMHO, there are a number of ways of doing what you want, all depends
    on the size & scope of your home/remote office. You can do an all
    VoIP solution with IP phones/Call Mangager, that eliminates the need
    for any PBX at the remote site, or you can have a PBX/Key System @ the
    remote site and use a digital or analog telephony interface in say a
    C2600 series router to interface with. There are so many things you
    can do, I would be happy to offer some suggestions but I'd need a
    little bit more info. If you use IP phones, yes you'll have the 100m
    limitation on UTP Ethernet. (that's user to closet/switch, not user to
    user of course). The things I'd like to know are - A) How many users
    @ remote site, B) How many users @ home site, C) Internet connection
    type/size/speed, D) Are the internet connections @ both sites from the
    same ISP? E) is there existing telephony equipment in place that you
    want to reuse?

    I'm sure there will be more ??? later, but that'll get us started.

    Rob, Dec 30, 2003
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