Help with using G Mail on Firefox / Seamonkey

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Vinayak, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Vinayak

    Vinayak Guest


    I've been using G mail, yahoo mail etc thru the net (as web mail).
    Firefox is my default browser at present.

    Recently, port 8080 has been blocked [and I browse thru port 80],

    G mail, yahoo mail etc are NOT blocked

    After this block of port 8080, for some reason, I am having problems
    while accessing any secure sign in pages, like those of G mail, yahoo mail

    I am allowed access to the net thru port 80 and I am sure there are
    other ports that are NOT blocked as well

    Could some one help me on

    1. How to use G Mail thru alternate ports or without secure sign in
    2. Is there a way to read G mail thru some RSS reader or something that
    still works on port 80 like a web browser would do ?
    3. Since port 110 is open, I tried downloading g mail using Thunder
    Bird. However I MAY NOT have enabled POP3 mail inside G Mail and so T
    bird is downloading only rather old mail. Is there a way I can use some
    method to log into G mail one more time and ENABLE pop access (which MAY
    NOT be enabled so far)
    3.1. I have 1000s of mail in my G mail inbox. Is there a way to download
    ONLY mail after a particular date using the pop mail facility + thuder
    bird ? or any other method ?


    - what to do with yahoo mail ?

    other info

    OS : Win XP SP2
    Browser : Firefox

    - thanks in advance for your time and efforts
    - Sorry for the couple of cross posts due to the urgency

    - I am unable to post to the G mail discussion group as the group
    accepts only web subscriptions and that needs a sign on thru web which
    alas I am unable to sign in

    best regards
    Vinayak, Apr 19, 2007
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  2. Well, we are getting closer, this is at least an active group that is
    intended for questions about Mozilla products. :) You may get a good
    answer here.

    Of course, this is the sixth time I've seen this multi posted message. :(

    The one place that you have not asked the question is the single best
    place, the official support groups at Set up a new
    account for the server Its free to access as long as
    you have internet access. Then subscribe to
    Hundreds of people look at those groups every day, you are much more
    likely to find someone who has encounterd the same problem and has a

    Leonidas Jones, Apr 19, 2007
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