Help With Spyware Guard

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by leveled, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. leveled

    leveled Guest

    When Spyware Guard Hits in on start-up, my screen resolution changes to
    640x480 from 1024x768 I can correct this in the settings menu but it reverts
    again after a fresh start .How can I remedy this ?? Kind Regards E
    leveled, Mar 22, 2006
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  2. leveled

    Vanguard Guest

    Do you mean to ask about SpywareGuard (no spaces) from
    I don't know what is Spyware Guard (with spaces). I also don't know what
    you might've meant to say by "hits on startup". SpywareGuard has nothing
    that will change screen resolution.

    I gave up on SpywareGuard over a year ago after finding that its signature
    database were very antiquated, so its claims regarding detection of spyware
    were out of date and useless. Back in Feb 2005, I found that its signatures
    were a year old. Signatures that old have no chance of detecting any
    malware created or modified after that point. The author's excuse was that
    he wasn't updating the signatures and instead relying on the other features
    or heuristics (rules) to detect malware or provide protection from
    unauthorized changes. However, none of those rules in SpywareGuard had been
    updated in over a year so those heuristics were also way too old. Out of
    date signatures and out of date heuristics does not make for an effective
    anti-malware product. The number of protection functions (other than
    signature detection) is so low that plenty of other products include those
    protections along with much more other protections. SpywareGuard became a
    waste of disk space and CPU cycles. Dump SpywareGuard and get something
    newer, better, and that gets updated regularly. I still use their
    SpywareBlaster product, though.

    The only remaining features that it still provided, like browser
    anti-hijacking, were already available in other better products, like
    WinPatrol (which polls once a minute), MS AntiSpyware (also a polling
    anti-malware product), and Prevx (which intervenes immediately on a change
    attempt; the "Research" version is free).

    If you had visited their home page, you would have seen the Support link
    that takes you to their forums (hosted by
    where that community of users is more focused on that product.

    Version 2.2 was released in Aug 2003 (almost 3 years ago). It hasn't been
    updated since. Version 2.2 is still the "latest" version available for
    download; i.e., there has been no development or updates to it since
    (because other freebies already provide the same protections). Do you
    really want to rely on an anti-malware product that old?
    Vanguard, Mar 22, 2006
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  3. leveled

    leveled Guest

    We are talking about the same thing, I have put a message on the Wilders
    forum with no response. I have removed s.g now and have no problems with
    the resolution. It definitely caused the problem. thanks for your comments
    leveled, Mar 22, 2006
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