help with pix inside->outside + dmz->outside + inside->outside->dmz

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Jack, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Jack

    Jack Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has configured a pix in the following

    I have a single static routable ip with another /29 routed to it. I
    have this ip setup as the ip address on the outside interface.

    The inside is 192.168.0.* and the dmz is 10.10.10.*.

    I have the 192.168.0.* routing over my single static ip (nat). (this
    I also have the dmz functioning as a set of static routes from my /29
    to the 10.10.10.* range (that works).

    Here's where the problem is: i am unable to ping/communicate with the /
    29 from the inside interface, even though both the dmz and the inside
    interface are setup for nat.

    I'm assuming there is some sort of command to allow for the traffic to
    flow from inside to public (outside) to dmz.

    Has anyone been able to do this?

    Jack, Sep 19, 2007
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