Help with new eSATA Enclosure installation

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Warren Peace, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Warren Peace

    Warren Peace Guest

    I'm having a problem with my new eSATA enclosure not being recognized,
    and certainly appreciate any assistance you can offer.

    My System
    Albatron Mars PX915P/G MOBO
    Intel P4 3GhZ w/ HT
    2 PATA HDD's (250GB, 40GB)
    1 External USB2.0 HDD (XIMeta NetDisk)
    Win XP Pro, SP2

    New Additions:
    Thermaltake A2319 MUSE eSATA 3.5" HD Aluminum Enclosure
    Seagate Barracuda SATAII 320GB 7200.10 w/16MB NCQ ST3320620AS

    Since installing this
    my 3 existing HDD's are still recognized and functional
    2 "!"s show up in Device Manager under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
    both of which are listed as being "IDE Channel"
    when I try to install them it tells me that they were not intended for
    this platform

    Other considerations:
    When I install windows, I have to install the ITE IT8212 ATA RAID
    (or it seems my Hard Drives do not even get recognized whatsoever)
    I did not connect the HDD LED connector for this enclosure to either
    the MOBO or the chassis (figured it's not necessary, and AFAIK my MOBO
    only has one HDD LED connector that's already being used)

    Thanks again for your help in advance
    Warren Peace, Mar 22, 2007
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  2. Warren Peace

    Warren Peace Guest


    After restarting my PC 2 more times,
    those "!"s from Device manager are gone

    Now I have a new entry under disk drives = ST3320620AS
    This my hard drive as per the seagate website
    however, the drive is not to be found in "My Computer"

    I went into my BIOS
    and made sure I adjusted the setting to allow both PATA and SATA
    it was previously set to auto, but I changed it to enhanced mode which
    allows up to 6 drives between the two medium...
    just to make sure
    Warren Peace, Mar 22, 2007
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  3. Warren Peace

    WhzzKdd Guest

    Running XP? Right-click on My Computer, select "Manage", then Disk
    Management. Find the new drive in the list? Right-click on it, and set it
    WhzzKdd, Mar 23, 2007
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