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    So for my business you can create automated e-mails to send to clients. I have done this before with no problem, but for some reason they keep sending me the message that the image I set up in the background image is broken. I've checked it in multiple ways, and they all work, but not on the company software.

    I'm fairly new to this still, any help will be very much appreciated.

    Here's a copy of the coding. Whats wrong?!?!?!


    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <html xmlns="">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <title>Untitled Document</title>
    <style type="text/css">
    body,td,th {
    color: #FFFFFF;
    body {
    background-color: #000000;
    background-image: url(Texture_001_by_zeke_ulrich.jpg);
    .style1 {color: #000000}
    .style2 {color: #FFFFFF}
    .style3 {color: #800000}
    .style4 {color: #0000A0}

    <p><img src="Untitled (3).png" width="1168" height="263" /></p>
    <span class="style1"><strong>Dear [first_name] [last_name],<br>
    Thank you for your interest in shipping your vehicle with [company_name], the elite 100 percent rated company by the US Dept. of Transportation now shipping over 4000 vehicles a year,
    flaunting over 25 years of combined experience in the industry! Check out our user friendly website to view our frequently asked questions and pictures of
    some of the newest rigs with the most up to date hauling equipment we will send to pick up your vehicle to your front door. A photo gallery of just some of the beauties we have shipped in
    the previous year are also available to be seen. </strong></span></p>
    <p><strong><span class="style1">Now invest 5 minutes in educating yourself briefly while reading the below mentioned facts about how this entire industry truly works. Invest 5 minutes and you won't be ripped off for hundreds and inconvenienced for days!<br>
    Are you a first time shipper? If so be ready to be bombarded with multiple phone calls every single day from brokers wanting your business. And we do mean bombarded! Ask yourself this question: Do these folks WANT my business to make a quick buck or are they willing to EARN my business through terrific customer service and MOST important, offering me the CORRECT quote amount based on carrier demands for my route? Life is supply and demand and right now the demand is higher due to us starting high season March 1st. From March - the end of September is high season. So if you are thinking I can book a week prior to my shipping date and receive the same great rates quoted by us....You are wrong. If your shipping date is in the near future your best bet is to secure your spot now with our carriers to avoid hassles later on and a higher price! The longer you wait, the more you procrastinate, the more it will cost you. <br>
    Plenty of first time shippers sin and go with the lowest quote they receive thinking that the lowest quote is the best quote. They soon learn through a lot of frustration and hundreds of not budgeted dollars spent later, the lowest quote is received from the lowest ranked companies in the industry. These companies can not acquire any business any other way so they seduce shippers with the dream of a super low price so they then charge them $500 later when the vehicle is ready to be delivered and you are caught in a vulnerable position! Unlike insurance quotes where you go online and can still select the lowest and still have your vehicle insured, the auto shipping industry is binded by the prices carriers place on a weekly basis dependent on industry standards, fuel, and the difficulty rate of your route and demographic limitations. So in essence the price is only one ranging from $100 below or above in range and no more than that. When you place your order it gets posted on a dispatch load board. The drivers will only pick up the loads priced from the middle to the top of that list. UNLESS, a company has network drivers like us that we send business in bulk so they'll do it for less. That's one of our benefits we have only top ranked companies have that ship in bulk weekly. We are considered a Walmart in the auto shipping industry and we are one of the biggest brokerages in the South Florida area. This is why we can do it for less folks!<br>
    <span class="style2">The price to ship your [vehicle_list] on [ship_via] carrier from [origin_city], [origin_state_code] to [destination_city], [destination_state_code] is $[tariff]. [note_to_shipper]</span></span></strong><br>
    <strong><span class="style1">We offer <span class="style3">DIRECT DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE</span> vs Terminals in between pick up and delivery. Your vehicle NEVER leaves our truck until it gets to its final destination. We do not utilize multi truck transporters during shipment. The lower ranged quotes that say door to door service bounce your car from 3-5 different trucks causing damage to your vehicle and that's no way to treat a vehicle. 95% of the industry's damage is caused by moving vehicles to and from multiple trucks.<br>
    We are the only company in the industry offering the shipper perks for booking with us! We are giving you a 3 day 2 night vacation getaway certificate to over 96 different locations at a 5 star resort with round trip air fare for two!!! Definitely call me so I can apply the multiple discounts we have handy and discuss the details of all our certificates with you. Multiple certificates given if you are a <span class="style3">A</span><span class="style2">A</span><span class="style4">A</span> member, a member of the military, or government official. This very special promotion is while supplies last solely so don't miss out! We are available until 7pm EST Monday through Friday and Sat 12-4pm. We are the ONLY company in the industry offering top rack availability on your luxury vehicle so you ride exclusively in VIP status on the top! Our drivers have wonderful air ride systems as well as we utilize double deckers, top and bottoms 6-10 max capacity, flat beds for those height restricted routes, and enclosed carriers for your antique classic or exotic vehicle. Please visit us at to view our extensive photo gallery of vehicles shipped. Please ensure your volume is on so you get the full experience.<br>
    </span></strong><strong><span class="style1"><br>
    In order to accommodate your reservations, please retain this reservation number for your records. Your reservation number to reference when you contact us is <span class="style2">[quote_number].</span><br>
    For your convenience, you can place your order clicking on this link below.<br>
    <span class="style3">[quote_link]</span><br>
    </span></strong><strong><span class="style1"><br />
    WE ARE MILITARY RECOMMENDED AS WE HAVE TRANSPORTED PLENTY OF VEHICLES FOR THE US <span class="style3">ARMY</span>, <span class="style4">US NAVY</span>, <span class="style2">MARINE CORPS</span>, <span class="style3">AIR FORCE</span> AND <span class="style4">COAST GUARD</span>. WE REMAIN COMMITTED TO THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN THAT ENSURE THE FREEDOM WE ENJOY DAILY.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <em>Castle Luxury Auto Shipping Services, placing a touch of C.L.A.S.S. onto your auto shipping needs!<br>
    Looking forward to you coming on board with us,<br>
    <span class="style2">Lead Supervisor of Logistics<br />
    [u_name]<br />
    TOLL-FREE: (800)794-4546 Ext. 691 <br />
    [u_email]<br /></span></span></strong><br>
    dione0222, Apr 19, 2011
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