help with Cisco VPN certificate

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by adamleight, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. adamleight

    adamleight Guest

    I hope someone can help me....
    I'm running XP and my machine crashed in the middle of installing VPN.
    When I rebooted and ran the install prog again I got the message that
    another version of VPN was already installed and would be removed

    Then the next screen said that I had to reboot...

    Ran the installer again and got the same message - and so it went in a

    -I deleted the VPN application
    -I uninstalled the network adaptor
    -I used regedit to delete asociated keys...
    And I still get the same message.

    So I figure that the installer is checking to see if there is a
    certificate and using that to determine that VPN is already

    Does that sound about right, and if so how do I delete the certificate

    I need VPN for my work so I am in kind of a tight spot.

    adamleight, Jul 12, 2005
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  2. adamleight

    Waqas Guest

    to my point of view the error is stating that the previous installation
    has still left something on ur machine which is preventing the new
    package to install. but anyways if u want to delete the certificate u
    have to open internet explorer and then Tools>Internet
    Option>Content>Certificates>Intended Purpose (ALL)>Trusted Root
    Certification Authorities.
    here u can find a list of ROOT CA find urs and delete it. Do restart
    the machine after u delete that.
    Waqas, Jul 12, 2005
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