Help with campus network design 1 main site, 7 remote over fiber GigE

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Ned, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Ned

    Ned Guest

    My boss just told me there is an extra $130K in the budget and that he
    wants to purchse new equipment to connect our 8 buildings. We have
    fiber between the buildings currently running 100mbps, he is upgrading
    the service to gigabit between the buildings and replacing all the
    vendor owned switches with our own. Our goal is to provide gigabit
    between buildings and to the desktop. We have 1,300 users, and we plan
    to do everything from VOIP, to video on demand and deployment of
    applications over the network with SMS.

    I'm the net admin and I've installed cisco routers, switches, and
    firewalls, but I've never delt with anything on this scale. Our main
    building has 1 MDF and 16 IDF's. Each of the other seven buildings have
    1 MDF and roughly 5-6 IDF's.

    I would appreciate some recommendations on how to approach this
    project. Which switches would best meet my needs? 6509 at the core and
    3750's at the remote sites? Do I contact Cisco and get design help from

    Ned, Feb 14, 2005
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  2. Ned

    jonathan Guest

    Hi Ned,

    maybe this answer arrives later according with the date when you post
    this message. Nevertheless i will tell you some of my experiences.

    I've designed some datacenters or i've been involved with other in such

    Would be a great starting point take a look at the Cisco SAFE blueprints
    because this documents explain situations like yours, when you have to
    migrate form copper networks to campus networks based on fibre.

    To give you fast approach i will recommend you without knowing you needs
    the following architecture:

    CORE: Cisco Catalyst 6509 MSFC2 with 2 Supervisor Cards and at
    least 2 giga cards (2x16 gbics)

    DISTRIBUTION: depending of your need for remote access i will recomend
    you for ISDN a NAS 5320, for ATM/Serial a Cisco 7513 and
    for the rest of the buildings cisco 3700 IF NEEDED. Keep
    in mind that the routing intelligence MUST reside in the
    core, and the MSFC (Layer 3 Switch) have a router in it
    (the supervisor) that do this job.

    ACCESS: Cisco Catalyst 2950 to 3548/3550XL for each floor connect
    ed with fibre to both CORE gear.

    As soon as you see the SAFE documentation you will understand the needs
    and the needed components.

    ;-) Cheers,

    jonathan, Feb 20, 2005
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