Help with a Cisco 6100 DSLAM

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by BikeZilla, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. BikeZilla

    BikeZilla Guest

    Hi guys I'm not a regular poster however I'm looking for some

    I have a Ciso 6100 (mostly to learn) with a DS3 and a OC3 Network
    Interface cards, about 26 2ATU-CAPS, and one SCM card

    I have it powering on, when I first get it on it display a setup admin
    menu that lets me setups the IP's, gateways, and server ip. However
    when I exit that I get some sort of a monitor prompt that only
    responds to help with 'show & alarms' I can show alarms and it says
    there's no image for the 2ATU CAPS card, however it's not the rmmon. I
    was wondering if somebody that has a Cisco account could download the
    software and/or tell what's happening and how to access the flash to
    see what files are on it. I'm registered but I don't have access to
    the software section. And I'm basicly a rather thrifty student right
    now that can't spend enough money to have Cisco even care about me (as
    in service contract - which I don't think I could get for this anyway)

    Thanks in advance
    BikeZilla, Aug 13, 2004
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