Help, Windows Media Player 10 won't start

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by jeff, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. jeff

    jeff Guest


    I had some troubles and was playing with wireless networking so I
    installed SP2. I ended up going back to cat5 for my network and
    didn't want the extra crap in SP2 so I uninstalled it.

    Windows media player 10 quit working before I messed with with SP2 and
    I still can't figure out whats wrong with it.

    I've uninstalled it and rebooted then reinstalled it. Still nothing.
    When I click on the WMP icon the cursor changes to an hourglass for 2
    seconds and then goes back to normal, nothing happens, wmp doesn't
    open. task manager doesn't show wmplayer running. I've got all
    video file extensions set to use WMP, clicking a movie file brings the
    same results, a busy curser for a second then nothing.

    When uninstalled wmp10 as mention above, it rolled back to wmp9 and it
    was working fine (i'd use 9 but I hate the play slider bar, its too
    short, I like it all the way across the window).

    So please help me get my wmp10 working again, Im at a loss of what to

    thank you
    jeff, Jun 8, 2005
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  2. jeff

    WoodStock Guest

    WoodStock, Jun 8, 2005
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  3. jeff

    Sultan Guest

    Don't be dumb - if you are going to run XP then please for the love of all
    that is holy keep the damn thing fully patched. That extra "crap" as you
    call it is there to protect you. And the rest of us. There are enough
    zombie bots out there you don't need to add yours to the mix.
    Sultan, Jun 8, 2005
  4. jeff

    jeff Guest

    i don't need all that stuff, im not surfing for free porn and I know
    how to keep my pc clean....

    the only thing SP2 does is TELL you if you don't have a firewall or
    antivirus installes. I have both installed I don't need a program to
    tell me if they are there....
    jeff, Jun 8, 2005
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