Help... Sharing Files/Printer between Corporate Laptop (Win2K) and Home PC (XP Home)

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by bloofish, Jan 17, 2009.

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    Jan 17, 2009
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    Hi. I'm finally posting. I'm at a lost. I use to have this working, but now I can't figure it out for the life of me. I'm trying to enable file sharing between my corporate laptop and my home PC/desktop... as well as allowing the laptop to print through a shared printer connected to my desktop.

    Perhaps my company put a security patch on my laptop after I had the hard drive re-imaged. Anyway, I have a laptop (Windows 2000) where I log into my work's domain (wireless). At home, I have a PC desktop (Windows XP Home), which I set-up with a matching workgroup name (I don't know if you can mix domain and workgroup names.. I also read elsewhere that this may not matter as access is really done through the user name and password).

    I also have LevelOne WBR-3406TX Wireless Broadband NAT Router Web-Console, which acts as a DHCP server.

    Currently, this is what I'm NOT able to do:
    - file share between the laptop and desktop
    - can't map any folders to a drive letter on either my laptop or desktop
    - printer share (desktop) for my laptop
    - On my desktop, I can't seem to see my laptop's name listed anywhere. When I attempt to map an enabled shared folder on my laptop, it will prompt me for my user ID and password (laptop name/user ID), but it doesn't accept my password (so close!)

    Currently, this is what I'm able to do:
    - Both computers can ping each other by IP address or host name (even with the desktop's Comodo firewall enabled)
    - On my laptop, I can see the desktop via the My Network Places/Entire Network/Microsoft Windows Network folder. However, when I click on it, I get an error. Also when I attempt to map it, I get the dialog box "\\hpxp is not accessible + The network path was not found."

    The basics:
    - Laptop: No firewall on corporate laptop (at least I don't believe there is one)
    - Desktop: Comodo firewall is enabled
    - Both computers are using TCP/IP
    - Both computers have "File and Printer Sharing for MS Networks" checked

    - OS = Windows 2000
    - Domain = US ( --> "comp" is generic company name
    - Host name = L2RW1234

    - OS = Windows XP Home
    - Workgroup = US ( --> not a domain (does it matter?)
    - Host name = HPXP

    Any advice would be appreciated. This has been driving me crazy. Thanks!
    bloofish, Jan 17, 2009
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