HELP PLZZZ All my desktop items no longer on desktop

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by cover_collector, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. hi elier today all my desktop items dissappeared , i have tried the obvious like restore point and turning of & rebooting
    they are all in the correct folder ie
    C:\Documents and Settings\jason fairchild\Desktop
    i don't know what else i can do... to restore them ... i can't add any new ones either
    well i can but they don't show on the desktop either any help offered will be appreciated immensly
    i run WIN XP PRO on an athlon thunderbird 850mhz chip
    the only new thing i have installed is ICQ but i have gone back to an earlier restore point to overcome that problem with no success
    thx 4 reading this prob ......
    cover_collector, Sep 5, 2003
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  2. right click your desktop and select properties\Web\
    & take any tick out of: "view my active desktop as a WebPage"

    (just in case you put a tick in it or someone else did !)

    because if you have also got the option selected to:
    hide my Desktop Icons when viewed as a webPage

    selected else where, then all your Icons will disappear !!!

    (Im on Windows98 myself)
    so it maybe a different path to your options ?
    Mines titled: Display Properties

    If it turns out to be that simple you'll be laughing soon.

    If not I wish you luck...
    \(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(0\)\)\)\)\)\)\)\)\)\), Sep 5, 2003
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