HELP! Network connections empty and Ipconfig won't work

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Apr 5, 2005.

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    OK folks, here goes: I have an XP Home machine that needs to be a client to a
    2K server (already a host to a third machine running 2k) and the Network
    Connections folder on the XP machine is empty. I also apparently cannot
    create a new connection. I am allowed to go through the create a new
    connection wizard, and have tried to create one manually as well, but the
    connection I create never shows up. The network connections folder is
    absolutely empty. Additionally, when I reun Ipconfig under the command
    prompt, it returns with an internal error of the request is not supported and
    additional info is unable to query host name (which I have input into all the
    network connections that fail to appear) This machine came pre-installed with
    XP Home SP1, and has no XP specific disc, only system recovery disks, all the
    XP files are on the hard drive in I386. Ipconfig does exist in my System32
    folder and it is identical to the one in the I386 folder. Do I need to
    purchase XP home with SP2, or is there a workaround for this? Additional
    info. is the XP machine installed with a Linksys Wireless adapter which can
    see the access point but not the router or the internet, so upgrading via the
    internet is a no-go (I am typing this on the 2K host machine) HELP!
    Guest, Apr 5, 2005
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  2. 1) Is this a Domain joined client?

    2) The network connections folder may have restrictions based upon the
    logged-in user's permissions. Can you open the following and reply back
    with the group name for your user?

    START > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

    From the computer management snap-in navigate to:

    Computer Management (Local) -> System Tools -> Local Users and Groups ->

    Navigate through the user groups until you find your username. Reply back
    with the Groupname for your user.
    Jerry Peterson[MSFT], Apr 6, 2005
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