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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Krazy Bob, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Krazy Bob

    Krazy Bob Guest

    Recently i had the trojan flush.a on my comp for many months and my av
    (avast did not pick it up) but after have alot of probs with website links
    getting re-directed to a single blank page with same ip in the address bar i
    tried an online scanner ( symantec) and it returned with this trojan.

    i removed it as per instructions, but there were 2 steps which i did not do
    because they didn't apply to my comp.

    Since ive got rid of it, ive been having major problems with my internet
    connection, i seem to be just losing my connection at random times of the
    day and when im surfing the net, and click on my next favourite or type in
    an address my connection becomes un-responsive and reloading my browser
    gives me the "page can not be found error message"

    the only method ive found is to completely reboot my router / turn it off
    and on again and re-set my comp and go through the process of trying to
    connect back on.

    I have a feeling its something to do with the dns settings, on my comp or
    router left behind because of the trojan in which symantec says it alters
    the comp's dns settings, in the registry. as per instructions by symantec
    ive deleted the registry keys located.

    Even now after only 2hrs of connectivitly its just droped off, but yet i can
    still log into msn messenger and check my emails, (this does not always
    happen tho, i when i start my comp in the morning nothing will work) but
    when i use I.E or Firefox i get the page can not be found error, please
    check dns settings.

    My router has been set to auto discover dns settings.
    Im at a loss as whats going on, i no the only way to sort it out completly
    is to reformat everything and restart, but i really don't want to do it

    Any suggestions on what could be causing my connection to just drop off and
    how to fix it?

    Cheers in advance
    Krazy Bob, Nov 29, 2005
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  2. Krazy Bob

    Alan Guest


    My personal view is to just restore a clean backup (if you have one),
    or re-install from scratch.

    I tend to think that once a PC is 'dirty' it is always going to be
    suspect and / or potentially unstable.

    If you have something like Ghost, then it only takes 10 mins to do a
    full restore anyway so why not? If you don't have a backup of the
    system (data is fine, but you need to restore the system itself), then
    re-install from a clean format, and then create a backup immediately
    and then at least monthly if not weekly.

    There are plenty of free backup solutions out there if you don't have
    Ghost or something similar already. Others here will probably offer
    opinions on the best open source / freeware options if you want them
    (or even if you don't want them!)



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    Alan, Nov 29, 2005
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  3. Krazy Bob

    Dave Taylor Guest

    Dave Taylor, Nov 29, 2005
  4. Krazy Bob

    Krazy Bob Guest

    Krazy Bob, Nov 29, 2005
  5. Krazy Bob

    Krazy Bob Guest

    I've done what microsoft suggested reset the tcp/ip stack and thought it was
    going fine, untill now 2hrs into my internet session, it has become
    unresponsive *sigh*

    back to old drawning board
    Krazy Bob, Nov 29, 2005
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