HELP: IE dusn't load websites anymore.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Jackal, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Jackal

    Jackal Guest

    Hi People,

    Internet Explorer dusn't load any websites anymore. All settings are (as far
    as i know) like they shoot be.
    I dont have any virus, worm or other bad thing on my computer. I think it is
    Internet Explorer itself. A few day ago i had to restart my computer a
    couple of times, because Internet Explorer crashed. Reading email (Outlook)
    or using a newsgroup, like i do now, isn't a problem. I guess that i maybe
    shoot reinstall Internet Explorer, but i think that i gonna loose all my
    settings from 'Outlook Express', my modem settings, etc. Can somebody give
    me a little advice what to do here. Or what i can check before i reïnstall
    IE. Hell, i dont even know for sure if it is IE that causes the problem.

    Jackal, Aug 1, 2003
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  2. Jackal

    Boomer Guest

    Jackal said:
    Error messages?
    When do the crashes occur?
    Boomer, Aug 1, 2003
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  3. Jackal

    DC Guest

    In addition to providing details as to what (if any) error messages appear, you
    might consider that your firewall might be preventing IE from connecting to the
    web. Check your firewall settings.
    DC, Aug 1, 2003
  4. Jackal

    Jackal Guest

    This happend a few times. It crashed with no reason. Just while surfing the
    internet. Pages wouldend load and after a while it gave me the message that
    Internet Explorer was crashed. But now i aint be able to load any pages. If
    you need more info on something, just ask.

    Jackal ..
    Jackal, Aug 1, 2003
  5. Jackal

    Boomer Guest

    Jackal said:
    Have you cleaned out your cache, history, temp and cookie files?
    (Restart the computer first, then clean.)

    Have you done a _thorough_ scan disk and then defrag lately?

    Ran your antivirus program? Ad-aware? Any screen saver's running in the
    Find Fast enabled (MSOffice)? My Documents folder full?
    Firewall? Norton products installed? Any newly installed programs?

    Here's a few links than may help with cleaning up your HD
    if you think that may be an issue.

    Hope these tips help.
    Boomer, Aug 1, 2003
  6. Jackal

    trout Guest

    What OS you using?
    trout, Aug 1, 2003
  7. Jackal

    Jackal Guest

    I have XP(home) and no FireWall. So that cant be it. But u wonna know
    something guys.
    Internet Explorer loads the pages again. I did nothing to solve the problem
    yet. But im afraid the problem comes back.
    Any idea what this cab be?

    Jackal, Aug 1, 2003
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