help, hdd,lappy issue

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by doS, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. doS

    doS Guest

    Hello have a lappy with a 80gig harddrive the pc sees this just fine .its a
    PATA.I was going to replace with an 120 gig ultra ata drive. the notebook
    wont see the 120gig drive, even in the bios..if i put the 120 in a usb
    encloser, it works fine as an external.This has me stumped.
    doS, Feb 18, 2007
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  2. doS

    philo Guest

    Probably a BIOS issue.

    The OS can see a 2nd drive...(even if the bios does not)...
    especially USB
    philo, Feb 18, 2007
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  3. doS

    doS Guest

    i can put in the seagate 120 and it works fine, the samsung 120 is the one
    it wont see, could it be just that particular drive make, the samsung?
    doS, Feb 18, 2007
  4. doS

    mdp Guest

    Could be but double check the jumper settings on the samsung with the mfg's
    instructions. You could also try the samsung in the external using a HD
    laptop adapter or run a mfg diagnostics tool.
    mdp, Feb 18, 2007
  5. doS

    Frosty Guest

    You have a WHAT??
    You douchbag! Do you talk on a celly too? I'll be you suck dickys.
    Frosty, Feb 18, 2007
  6. Uh, I think you should stick with a PATA Hard Drive, ATA is a different
    Daniel Anderson, Feb 18, 2007
  7. doS

    doS Guest

    no, i have a telly and you have snowballs

    doS, Feb 19, 2007
  8. doS

    doS Guest

    thanks, its a laptop drive, I didnt see any jumpers?
    it does work fine in an usb external
    doS, Feb 19, 2007
  9. doS

    WhzzKdd Guest

    Frosty has snowballs? Wow - that's GOTTA be cold <g>
    WhzzKdd, Feb 19, 2007
  10. doS

    Al Pilarcik Guest

    No, it is not a different format.

    PATA or P-ATA = Parallel ATA

    SATA or S-ATA = Serial ATA
    Al Pilarcik, Feb 19, 2007
  11. doS

    Frosty Guest

    Well, yes, that would make sense wouldn't it.
    Frosty, Feb 19, 2007
  12. doS

    Frosty Guest

    What'd you expect a snowman to have? Cheese balls?
    Frosty, Feb 19, 2007
  13. doS

    WhzzKdd Guest


    The WhzzKdd does Cheese Whiz...hence the nym. But I don't think I've got
    cheese balls yet...
    WhzzKdd, Feb 21, 2007
  14. doS

    Frosty Guest

    I used to love spam and cheeze whiz on whitebread with mayo...
    Frosty, Feb 21, 2007
  15. doS

    WhzzKdd Guest

    Oh heck yeah - hold the mayo though :)
    WhzzKdd, Feb 21, 2007
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