Help Gigabyte GA7N400 Pro 2 MOBO

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by BIGEYE, Nov 5, 2004.


    BIGEYE Guest

    Friend of mine is building a new PC. He has the following components:
    Mobo Gigabyte GA7N400 Pro 2
    1 x 160 GB HDD
    1 x CD Rom
    1 x CD Rewriter
    1 x DVD Rewriter
    There are four IDE connectors on MOBO, can he use one device on each IDE
    connector. The manual says in order to use IDE 3 & 3 it must be set up in
    RAID or ATA133. Not sure about this, I thought that RAID was for use with
    multiple HDD's.
    Alternatively would he set up master/slaves and just use IDE 1 & 2.
    If this is the way to go, what would be the best configuration for his
    Also, there are two connectors from the PSU labelled SATA, what are these
    used for. And there are two short red cables for serial ATA, what are theses
    used for.
    Appreciate any help.
    BIGEYE, Nov 5, 2004
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    Matt Guest

    In the bios you can set raid mode to either "Raid" or "ATA" . If he wants to
    attach drives and use them as normal (ie. not raid) then set it to ATA.
    Doing this you can have 7 separate hard drives and your cd-rom.
    The SATA connectors on the PSU are power for Serial hard drives, they don't
    have an IDE connector, just a thin usb-style cable. They are faster than

    Matt, Nov 5, 2004
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    Dodo Guest

    Connect the HDD to IDE1. Connect the CD and DVD rewriters to IDE2. Do not
    use the CD rom.
    Dodo, Nov 5, 2004

    old man Guest

    Sata psu connectors and red cables are for Sata drives, there will also be a
    connector (2) on the mobo for these cables. There may be a jumper on the
    mobo to disable the sata connectors, if not in use, by default the jumper
    may be set to 'active'
    All the above should be in your mobo book.
    old man, Nov 6, 2004
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