HELP!!!!! fixing the e18 lens jamm error on a powershot s50

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Ty, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Ty

    Ty Guest

    I am in trouble. My lens is jammed, extended outward, stuck and my
    warranty is up! Sending this camera into repair is a waste. The
    minimum charge will be over 200 dollars and I only paid 300 for the

    The only viable option is to attempt to find the cause of the jamming
    and fix it myself.

    I have to note, this is not a minor jam, it is STUCK. tapping the
    side of the camera will NOT work. There is a website that details how
    to go about fixing the exact same problem, but it's with a different
    cannon camera, not the s50.

    I got an appropriate sized screwdriver from one of those eye glass
    repair kits and opened up my camera to take a look and the layout
    inside is noticeably different from the ixus. I can sort of
    understand why they charge so much to repair these things, I started
    to remove screws and boards to get to the lens mechanism, and it was
    time consuming and meticulous work. The internal design was not done
    to make it easy to find and fix problems.

    I turned back, for fear I would damage something. As it stands now
    the camera isn't funcional, the time to be timid is over. So I'm
    going in again and I'm seeking advice.

    Has anyone here gone through this process? Assuming the problem is
    simple like a physical obstruction in the lens track, can anyone guide
    me into disassembling the camera?

    If not, I'll figure it out by doing, which is probably the best way.
    I hope the camera survives the process because when it works, nothing
    in it's class can match it.

    And I'm sorry to say this to you sony-v1 owners but the picture
    quality is inferior. Whatever algorithms canon uses can't be beat, I
    hope the competition catches up. I'd have gone for a v1 if the
    picture quality was as good.

    Ty, Jul 4, 2004
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  2. << Assuming the problem is
    simple like a physical obstruction in the lens track, can anyone guide
    me into disassembling the camera? >>


    If this were a Ham Radio, I'd suggest going to to download the
    service manual.

    Unless someone else knows of a source of camera repair manuals, you might try
    searching the web for one.

    Fred McKenzie, Jul 4, 2004
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  3. Ty

    Ty Guest

    I have an update if anyone is interested.

    I dove into the camera, swiping my way past wire strips to the prize,
    the lens mechanism. I fiddled with it to get it moving smoothly
    again. I didn't even have to de-solder any joints! BUT!!!

    While returning the lens section to the body of the camera I tore one
    of the cable strips (containing around 20 embedded copper

    Sadened, I put the rest of the camera bach together. I succeded in
    getting the lens unstuck and now that works like new. But the wires I
    cut must have connected the lcd screen to the camera as it stays

    If I can find and replace the cut cable I think I'll be in business.
    I'm going to call th factory in illinois to see where I can get a

    A lesson to any tinkerers out there, if you're going to mess with this
    stuff, be very careful, one rough move can rip a cable, again
    rendering the camera functionally inoperable...

    Ty, Jul 8, 2004
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