HELP! Error /w Wireless Client Connecting to Win2003 Server /w IAS, CA

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Christopher C. Welber, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. --PROBLEM:

    The wireless client [Dell notebook] system goes to authenticate with windows
    2003 server and it looks like the authentication is making it to the server
    because we turned logging on and could see that there was some type of hand
    shaking and access of the active directory for the user and then the system
    kicks back the following error:

    "The client could not be authenticated because the Extensible Authentication
    Protocol EAP type can not be processed by the server"

    We assume it means the windows 2003 server..

    We have the following configuration [Complete Event Log Error Listed at the
    End of This Message]:

    --System Configuration

    Windows Server 2003 Standard


    - Base Server /w Latest MS Updates

    - IAS installed

    - CA Authority with certificates installed

    - This server is part of a multiple-site domain connected through a cisco
    style VPN connection

    - Wireless policy is configured both in Active Directory & the IAS wireless
    policy component

    - There is a wireless group of it given access in the IAS wireless policy we
    created and the test user has the Dial-In property enabled with "Control
    Access Through Remote Access Policy" radio button selected.

    - The Cisco IP is entered as a radius client under IAS service clients tab
    and the shared secret password setup.

    In the IAS Profile:

    - We have all of the authentication methods unchecked, but I think it kicked
    out the same error whether we had everything checked or not.

    - Everything is checked in the Encryption tab

    - In the advanced tab we have service of Radius Standard and framed selected

    - Server settings determine IP assignment, but I don't think were even
    making it that far

    - No Dial-in constraints selected

    In the Wireless policy in Active Directory:

    - Networks to access "Access point [infrastructure only] networks only"

    - Preferred Networks the access SSID is listed with network authentication
    of WPA, data encryption TRIP

    - Under IEEE 802.1x tab, EAPOL Start message is "Transmit per IEEE 802.1x",
    EAP type is "Protected EAP [PEAP] [under these settings the certificate is
    correctly selected we believe that was assigned to the server when we
    created the CA, authentication method is EAP-MSCHAP v2]

    Cisco Airoport 1100 Wireless Access Unit


    Radius server is set to be the server /w shared secret password setup

    PAP, TKIP are enabled on the wireless access point

    Dell Notebook:


    /w wireless adapter enabled for WPA

    Error Log Event Properties of the error are:

    Source: IAS

    Event ID: 2

    Type: Warning

    NAS IP: [The Cisco Equipment]

    Client IP:

    NAS PORT Type: 802.11

    NAS PORT 1042

    Proxy-Policy Name: Use Windows authentication for all users

    Authentication Provide: Windows

    Authentication-Server = <undetermined>

    Policy-name = Gws-wireless [this is the policy we created in IAS Server]

    Reason Code = 22


    "The client could not be authenticated because the Extensible Authentication
    Protocol EAP type can not be processed by the server"
    Christopher C. Welber, Nov 12, 2005
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