Help Desperately Needed Posting to Usenet Through Google

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Ashley Endicott, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. From where I work, the web is the only way I can read and post to
    Usenet. Could someone _please_ tell me how to post to Usenet through
    Google AND have my posts display just my username and NOT:


    For instance, I've tried creating a few accounts through and EVERY time, when I post to Usenet, it displays


    I can not for the life of me figure out how to get it to just post
    either of the two following ways:

    From: Jane Doe

    or simply:

    From: Jane

    I know it can be done, I see posts made through Google all over Usenet
    done that way. I see NO WAY to change it in any 'Profile' or 'Account'
    edit or setting anywhere.

    What the hell am I missing?

    I've even created several Gmail accounts thinking perhaps Google gives
    those users an added perk of being able to post to Usenet with only
    their names in the 'From:' field. No difference for me :(

    Now, I realize that my e-mail address will always be visible in the
    headers, that's not a concern. It's just I believe that a Usenet post
    looks better (less noobish) when the post is from a 'name' and not

    Thanks in advance for any help cast my way...
    Ashley Endicott, Nov 11, 2007
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  2. Ashley Endicott

    Mike Easter Guest

    Ridiculous crossposting stripped immediately. Read in 24hshd, posted

    That is highly unlikely.

    In the first place, the business about how an employer and the employers
    hardware and software and internet connectivity are used or abused or
    secured is very much the business and rights and responsibilities of the

    In the second place, how an employee and an employer deal with their
    mutual rights and responsibilities in an honest relationship and
    contract with each other should be resolved optimally, not by some style
    of stealing or cheating or abuse. Cheating employees acting in
    violation of policies they have agreed with their employers about should
    have their chops busted. Employers who have bad policies conflicting
    with the proper function of their employees for work related issues
    should amend the bad policies.

    In the third place, the most common 'block' is about port 119 vs port 80
    rather than something else.

    There are a number of newsservers which access by port 80 as well as
    port 119 and some which access by quite a number of different methods. - access ports 119 or 80 How to configure the
    most common newsreaders -- Win: Tbird Moz Opera Gravity XNews
    You can't. GG requires your login address to display in the From which
    is munged to other GG users with a little captcha resolvable function,
    but clearly accessible to anyone who is reading a usenet group not with
    You are mistaken, unless you mean how the display works without 'more

    With the 'first' GG view, only your handle shows. When more options is
    activated in GG, your handle plus your munged email address of the login
    is exposed. When the munged portion is clicked, a captcha enables the
    GG viewer to see the email address you logged in.
    You are missing the sensibility of not using GG to read and post to
    usenet. Your frustration with the login display is only one of about a
    dozen or so distinct disadvantages to being a GGer. You should stop
    doing so immediately and get a newsserver and use a newsreader and nntp
    Mike Easter, Nov 11, 2007
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  3. Ashley Endicott

    Whiskers Guest

    Ask your employer to permit you access to a proper news-server, if posting
    to newsgroups is part of your job. Otherwise, well, don't do it you might
    get fired.
    I'd be interested to see examples of that.
    Only a newbie would think that. The email address and nic are both
    integral parts of your identity, in my opinion. My newsreader, and as far
    as I can remember all the other ones I've used, always shows the complete
    From: header at the start of each article, although it is configured to
    show only the nic in the 'article list' to save space.
    I suspect that you aren't entering a "nickname"; to do that, you have to
    click on 'Subscribe to this group' while looking at the group you want to
    post to, and make sure the nickname you want is displayed there. But that
    won't do anything to hide the email address from anyone. (Just another
    example of Google's rotten interface and serious lack of understanding of
    what usenet is and how it works).

    Perhaps what you have noticed is that your particular newsreader is not
    showing the email address in its 'parsed' display if there is also a
    "nickname" in the From: header. Possibly simply because you have that
    'column' too narrow to fit the complete header in. That is just an
    artefact of one particular program and is no indication of what anyone else
    can see.
    Whiskers, Nov 11, 2007
  4. Ashley Endicott

    Mike Easter Guest

    Ozark has put 'Ozark' into the Name field in GG profile. I call that a
    'handle'. Notice that the email addy still 'shows' in GG in the more
    options as I described. The email addy also is visible in the headers
    of nntp newsreaders.
    sachin has put 'sachin' into the Name field in GG profile.
    thehipfan2 has left the Profile Name field empty in GG profile.

    Profile. Login to GG and at the top are several clickable functions:
    [email protected] | My Groups | Favorites | Profile | Help | My Account |
    Sign out

    Click Profile and populate Name and you will have a handle in GG.
    Mike Easter, Nov 11, 2007
  5. Ashley Endicott

    richard Guest

    Subscribe to groups. Once you do this, the nick will be shown instead of
    the addy.
    richard, Nov 11, 2007
  6. THANK YOU! That was it!

    A short, simple, clear and concise answer that was right on the money!

    When you have 'Subscribed' to a group your are given another 'extra'
    option of "how do want your post to appear" that you do not get if you
    merely click on a group and try to post.

    Kind of a kludgy way of doing things IMO but something I can definitely
    live with.

    Thanks again, Richard...(I owe you one ;-)
    Ashley Endicott, Nov 11, 2007
  7. The only thing I "notice" is how completely self-absorbed you are in
    giving erroneous information.
    Let me guess, you actually went to the trouble of creating an account
    on Google Groups, stumbled around clicking on different 'things',
    until you clicked on 'Profile' and saw what you thought was SURELY the
    answer to my problem and then rushed back to 24hshd to try and save
    what little credibility you might have left. Without first trying a
    test post?

    Does that sound about right?

    Because if you HAD tried a test post you would've seen that you are,
    once again, W R O N G !

    How does it feel to be so consistently wrong, Mikey?

    You REALLY need to get laid, loser.
    Ashley Endicott, Nov 11, 2007
  8. Ashley Endicott

    Mike Easter Guest

    When you subscribe to a group, you can subscribe with or without a nick.

    When you adopt a nick or handle in profile as I described earlier, it
    will be displayed regardless of whether you are subscribed to the group
    or not.

    The 'advantage' of using the subscribing nick method is that you can
    have a different nick in different subscribed groups more easily. The
    advantage of using the profile nick method is that it is 'universal' -
    done once it doesn't have to be done any more.

    It depends on whether you want to have to have mulitple personas all
    over the place or if you want to be 'efficiently' the same persona all
    the time.
    Mike Easter, Nov 11, 2007
  9. Ashley Endicott

    Mike Easter Guest

    I've had an account in GG a very long time to help the people who are
    not able to help themselves use GG. Like you.
    I have had a single nickname for a GG login in one group for a long
    time. Yesterday I tested the Profile name function to determine if it
    would work properly and it did.

    That link demonstrates the correct function of the Profile Name in the
    group alt.test.
    Mike Easter, Nov 11, 2007
  10. Ashley Endicott

    Mike Easter Guest

    That should have said that I've had a single nick for a group subscribed
    by that GG login.
    The point was about a nick for a subscribed account and I should have
    /said/ subscribed.
    Your first post was not clear to me. Your first post appeared to me
    that you did not want your login address to appear/ occur/ be stamped/
    in the From in GG. That post did not convey to me that your principle
    issue was the appearance of the handle/nick in some displays of some
    newsreaders or certain display types in GG.
    You are mistaken. If you put your nick in the profile Name it will give
    you the result I am discussing.
    I have no idea why you are not able to achieve the result I did using
    Profile name.
    Mike Easter, Nov 11, 2007
  11. Ashley Endicott

    Mike Easter Guest

    That I said above is only correct for gmail accounts, as the one I used;
    that statement above is not correct for non-gmail accounts. If a gmail
    account puts a Name in Profile it will become the handle for all GG
    messages posted. If a non-gmail account puts a name in profile, nothing
    happens in that regard.
    I now understand the profile name problem for the/your non-gmail

    I created a new google account non-gmail. During the account creation
    process, the registration asks for a nickname. When posting to GG, that
    nick name does not appear, but it is editable in the account editing
    function. The same Profile name function which puts the handle or name
    in place for a gmail account does *not* put that handle or name in place
    for a non-gmail account.

    So, if I were going to be a GGer, I would obtain a gmail account and use
    that instead of a non-gmail account, because the gmail account has some
    advantages over the non-gmail.
    Mike Easter, Nov 11, 2007
  12. I'll have to agree with ya there, Mike.

    "Could someone _please_ tell me how to post to Usenet through
    Google AND have my posts display **just my username**
    **and NOT:** ?"

    /emphasis mine/
    Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Nov 11, 2007
  13. Ashley Endicott

    Mike Easter Guest

    In reality, the issue of 'I have to use GG at work' has nothing to do
    with the actual question 'when you use GG how do you get a handle/nick
    for your From'?

    I confess that it never dawned on me that logging into GG as a gmail
    account would function differently than as a non-gmail account in terms
    of adopting a nick/handle in the Profile.

    The more I tinker with my new experimental non-gmail login for GG, the
    'clunkier' it behaves. GG seems 'confused' about what to do with the
    nick which is adopted when one registers a non-gmail google account.
    Sometimes it displays 'me' when creating a new message, which 'me' is
    lost with posting it. Sometimes it wants to use the originating nick
    during the editing of the message but not in the posted message.
    Sometimes it 'hangs up' or gets stuck when I'm trying to edit the nick
    or if the group has been subscribed and then unsubbed.

    Clearly the only consistent and 'healthy' way to get GG to adopt a
    particular nick is by subscribing to a group as richard described, but
    even then it isn't healthy to try to change the nick with the 'change
    nickname' function or GG is liable to gag.
    Mike Easter, Nov 11, 2007
  14. Ashley Endicott

    theokochen Guest

    theokochen, Nov 11, 2007
  15. Of course this whole issue is like trying to get a dead dog to fetch a
    stick better. :)
    Blinky the Shark, Nov 11, 2007
  16. Ashley Endicott

    Mike Easter Guest

    Does that mean that you wouldn't have experimentally modified first a
    gmail GG Profile name field and testposted and then created a new
    experimental non-gmail account to test modify the profile or subscribed
    group name fields so as to help the nice man GG read and post to
    newsgroups from his employer's work computers and connectivity?

    Mike Easter, Nov 11, 2007
  17. Yes. It still ends up being GG. :)
    Blinky the Shark, Nov 11, 2007
  18. Ashley Endicott

    Mara Guest

    I first parsed this is "get a dead frog to fetch a stick of butter."

    For GG, that just might fit.
    Mara, Nov 12, 2007
  19. Ashley Endicott

    Mike Easter Guest

    "The prominent characteristic of the dyseidetic is the inability to
    revisualize the gestalt of the word." <description of the subgroup
    dyseidetic dyslexia>

    But your frog/dog better/butter exchanges doesn't match very well with
    the audiblox site's dyseidetic examples, so maybe it is your visual
    acuity, monitor dust, or system font rendering at the root of the

    :-/ gaak!
    Mike Easter, Nov 12, 2007
  20. Nick knack, paddy-whack,
    Give the frog a bone...
    Blinky the Shark, Nov 12, 2007
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