Help deciding on Zeiss lens camera T* that important?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by AdopteCH, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. AdopteCH

    AdopteCH Guest

    Hi folks.

    After many fabulous years with my yashica/contax P&S 35mm I'm moving up to
    digital. I loved the Zeiss T* lens and the superb quality of everything it
    took- even after 6 years of rugged use I'm still getting compliments on the
    sharpness and color of the images (I use high end film and professional
    developing). .

    My quandary? I'm of two minds about which to go with. So I'm using the
    Zeiss lens as my starting point- leaving me with the Contax U4R and Sony
    DSC-W5 or 7.

    I realize the Contax line is dead as of mid-2005 but I have a line on a new
    U4R. I love the styling and that it takes SD (of which I have plenty laying
    around). The auto-focus is 7 points and the imaging system seems to be a
    proven quantity. I also realize that because new non-refurbished units are
    in short supply I'm going to pay a premium and have to jump through hoops
    for service.

    The Sony has the same Vario-Tessar lens but in a more traditional body that
    allows for attachments of filters and wide-angle. It also uses MS of which
    I only have one additional (128). I also lacks the T* coating. I have
    heard things about quality control problems with the current lineup of
    Cybershots including the Chinese sales ban. I'm also not sure if the
    additional 2 mps in the D7 is overkill.

    I guess it comes down to this: is the T* coating important enough to be a
    deal breaker? Is buying a $ 350 plus digital P&S worth it if you can't add
    attachments- or is the whole attachment thing not such a good idea? Which
    would be your deciding factor and why?
    AdopteCH, Dec 29, 2005
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  2. AdopteCH

    Stewy Guest

    Come on! Contax is good but they can't be serious, why are they giving
    up? So it's the Sony, but adding an extra $50 or so brings you to the V3
    - more zoom more megapixels and are more serious-looking camera by far!

    As an ex-Sony owner (the S-70) I got my fingers burned by Sony's IMO
    'predatory pricing' of accessories and batteries, so I can hardly be
    termed an 'fan' of Sony.
    Stewy, Dec 29, 2005
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  3. AdopteCH

    W (winhag) Guest


    If you are interested in DSLR, apparently Zeiss will be coming out with
    some sort of line of lenses for other brands. Will be announced in Jan
    '06. Check
    W (winhag), Dec 29, 2005
  4. AdopteCH

    AdopteCH Guest

    Come on! Contax is good but they can't be serious, why are they giving
    Actually it's Kyocera that's punting- Zeiss has been out of the body
    manufacturing business for a while and simply licensing out the technology
    (and the Contax name) tp Kyocera. I'm looking for convenience in form
    factor not necessarily 'serious looking'.
    I've noticed that the actual sony adapter ring is far more expensive than
    the generic....
    AdopteCH, Dec 29, 2005
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