HELP? Composer Problematic Mozilla/Nvu/Netscape

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by glob, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. glob

    glob Guest

    Watch out for Composer. It will actively sabotage your work by inserting

    I'm having the exact same problems with composer. Mozilla, NVU, and
    Netscape composers are problematic. Eats code and inserts strange code.

    If you copy and paste an image in the same table, the path will come up
    file:///image.gif instead of original /image.gif.

    It also chews up my links, cutting off the
    and leaves me with only file.htm.htm

    Worst of all, it comes up with "done with errors" messages using explorer,
    and then I have to dig and find a backup and start all over again.

    It also is inserting several odd characters into the code, exclamations
    (") and extra ".htm" on filenames.

    Also, it' chopped off my page titles, leaving me with 1/3 of the original
    text in the title.

    HELP ????????????????

    glob, Dec 29, 2004
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  2. glob

    glob Guest

    I've noted that these problems seemed to have disappeared when all working
    files are in the same folder. In my case, I had to copy the main template
    into all folders, therefore all file/saves are in the same folder, thus no
    bungled Netscape reformatting occurs.
    glob, Dec 29, 2004
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