HELP! Anyone Here an Expert With Modems and multi-line Analog Lines in Businesses??

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Sens Fan Happy In Ohio, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Here's a good one for those of you in the know. I work for a small business
    and they're networked together by two different systems, one for one company
    (hereafter called the Discovery system) and one for the other (hereafter
    called the Ginger system). Some people are hooked into both the Discovery
    and Ginger systems, most are only into the Ginger system. But in addition
    to this, the business has a digital phone system as well as analog lines for
    most every Ginger system user.

    Here's where it gets tricky. Those on the Discovery system only are
    expecting to be hooked up to either DSL or a satellite system for Internet
    access in the coming weeks. This issue is still being resolved by the
    person in charge of setting all this up. Their service would be fed into
    one server and then shoveled out to anyone hooked up to this network. Those
    hooked into the Ginger system have no Internet access, with the exception of
    ONE computer (keep this one in mind 'cause this is the problem PC). There
    is, however, another PC (a notebook one) tied into an analog line in another
    office and it is always on from about 9am until the end of business.

    BUT ... their analog lines are used by them to dial out on small plug-in
    headsets via some sort of a modem attached to their DOS-based PCs. Also
    running off these analog lines are three fax machines and two credit card

    Okay ... now that you have the set-up, here's the sitch with this Internet
    PC. It's the only one hooked into these analog lines using web access. For
    two days it worked fine without any troubles. It has a 56k modem in it and
    connected to a dial-up account at speeds from a low of 37.6k to as fast as
    41.2k. The PC is a brand new P4 3Ghz running Windows XP Pro and 256Mbz RAM.
    Suddenly on Tuesday, things got weird. Early in the AM it could connect,
    but only at speeds around 26-28k until about 9am. Each time the connection
    speed got worse until it dropped to a low of 12k. The PC kept getting
    bumped off the connection about every 5-10 minutes between the hours of 8:30
    and 9am (the times are related, trust me!). After that it would error out
    saying the modem never received a signal from the ISP ... then changed its
    tune that the line being used was not an analog line and could not navigate
    .... and finally to the point where it errored saying it (the modem) could
    detect no dialtone. This happened now TWO days in a row before I was called
    in to look at this.

    The modem is fine, drivers are up-to-date for XP and nothing appears to be
    wrong in the settings. I set them up myself on Friday and everything ran
    well for two days. The user ONLY updated Windows XP, DirectX 9, Office 2K
    and Media Player 9 from both and so I
    know that there was no funny business (ie: viruses, spyware, etc.)

    Now ... those times I mentioned before ... are about the time that the rest
    of the office staff begins to arrive and start making phone calls on those
    before-mentioned headsets, as well as fax machines being used and the credit
    card machines being used. Granted, for two days they were there and no
    troubles. But now for two straight days, trouble! And I even moved the PC
    to another analog line and tested it and still got the same errors (no
    dialtone, analog line only, etc.) Their wall connection is set up as one
    plug for their digital phone system (Norstar, I believe). Then an analog
    line, the Ginger connection and (for those who are authorized) a Discovery

    My theory is this ... that somehow something has been added to or began
    running on this phone system in the past 48 hours that has caused the analog
    lines to become "congested" with noise, thereby causing the modem to not be
    able to hold a signal let alone find a dialtone. When I plugged a regular
    analog phone into the wall outlet I could hear a dialtone ... also when I
    plugged into the "headset" connection on the back of the modem in this PC.
    I also dialed the ISP number and each time heard the "tones" coming from the
    ISPs computers.

    So ... could this be the case? Too much "stuff" running on these analog
    lines? I tried this PC several different times during the day and still
    recieved one of the three error messages. I never did connect to the ISP at
    anytime during the day. I've a feeling tomorrow will be the same case ...
    connect from 8am until around 9-ish and then no connection after that.

    OR ...

    Could one of the Windows XP, Media Player, Office 2K or DirectX 9 updates
    have somehow caused this to happen? I checked the System Restore logs and
    the last update loaded at nearly 4pm on Monday and the person said she could
    still get online as of that time. And yes, I even tried to "Restore To An
    Earlier Point" but each time I was denied getting errors from Win XP saying
    it could not ... but that's a whole different issue ;-)

    So please ... anyone that works in IS/IT and deals with multi-line phone
    systems and modems ... PLEASE HELP ME! They're looking to me for advice and
    I'm stumped except for this idea that it may be "too many users" or some
    "new" piece of equipment on the line that's causing interference. All signs
    point to this based on the timeframe I've told you about.

    PLEASE HELP! I'm really stumped and need to give them an idea of where to
    look for the cause!!


    Reply address is fake. Please send all praise, abuse, insults, bequests of
    $1million US dollars to sensfan_luvslisa (at) yahoo (dot) ca. Change the
    obvious to the obvious. Oh, and if you must abuse or insult, don't expect a
    reply. Money gets faster attention ;o)
    Sens Fan Happy In Ohio, Jul 29, 2004
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  2. Sens Fan Happy In Ohio

    Tech Guest

    Assuming that you are talking about a peer-to-peer network, there are too
    many variables. Something is mixed up in the PBX.

    You will have to contract the services of a professional given that you do
    not have the technical skill to delve into the system.

    Nevertheless, here's how to do things right:

    ((Internet)) ==> Router w/Firewall --> Network switch -
    \__--> Discovery system
    |__--> Ginger system
    Tech, Jul 29, 2004
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  3. Sens Fan Happy In Ohio

    Duane Arnold Guest

    The bottom line here is that this post is way too long. The second point
    here is that you need to get a professional in there to figure it out if
    you cannot resolve the issue.

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Jul 29, 2004
  4. Sens Fan Happy In Ohio

    D Guest

    Sounds like a real dogs dinner; pay money get a proffessional in, this time
    build a sys with expandibility
    D, Jul 29, 2004
  5. Sens Fan Happy In Ohio

    JamesBenson Guest

    I would get another modem cable & try that ,or it could be over congested
    network, how many on one dialup connection? there is most likely your
    problem, you said it happens at a certain time, that could be your ISP under
    network congestion at the peak time. plus if everyone uses their connection
    at the same time what do they expect, on the other hand it could be network
    saturation on your end, if so you would have to invest in either a switch,
    router, bridge or something similar to handle all the client request's
    efficiently, If you provided numbers I could say better.

    They will no doubt have to plan again when they upgrade to DSL
    JamesBenson, Jul 29, 2004
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