HELP!! All my Firefox settings are gone

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by googlemail2003, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. My husband was using the computer. God knows what he did but when we
    started Firefox all my customizations were gone. The home page was
    wrong, the history was gone and all bookmarks were also gone.

    I have a backup but I can't seem to find find out what to replace.
    While it would be nice to get things back to where they were, I'm most
    concerned with my bookmarks file.

    Can someone please tell me what file I should copy from my backup and
    where I should put it so that Firefox uses it?

    I have Windows XP. I have a backup of the Documents and Settings


    googlemail2003, Oct 28, 2005
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  2. Before anything else, open Task Manager, and look for any running
    processes of firefox.exe. If you find any, kill them. Then open
    Firefox's Profile Manager:

    To open Firefox's Profile Manager, click Start>>>Run, type firefox.exe
    -p in the field, and click OK. Note the space after exe, it is important.

    Your husband may have inadvertently created a new profile. Profile
    Manager should show you if there is more then one. If so, you can
    delete the new profile and use the original one, which will have your
    bookmarks, extensions, and other settings.

    If Profile Manager only shows one profile, report back here.

    Leonidas Jones, Oct 28, 2005
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  3. It just shows "default". However in:

    \documents and settings\jane\application data\mozilla\firefox\profiles
    there are two directories. One is named the same as the directory in
    my backup (which only has one directory in 'profiles'). I tried
    renaming the new directory (didn't work) and moving it (also didn't
    work). In both cases it brought up the Firefox Profile Manager and
    told me I had to create a default profile.

    Jeez - this is driving me crazy. All me old settings are clearly still
    there but not getting accessed.

    googlemail2003, Oct 28, 2005
  4. Never mind. What I did was move the entire Mozilla directory from
    \documents and settings\............ to somplace temporary. I replaced
    it with the folder on my backup and that worked. It's still a month
    out of date but SO much better than it could have been.


    googlemail2003, Oct 28, 2005
  5. If this works for you and you are satisfied, fine. However, for future
    reference, all you really needed to do was to use Profile Manager to
    create a new profile, with the exact name as your old profile. Firefox
    would have detected that there was already a folder there, and used it
    rather then creating a new folder.

    Leonidas Jones, Oct 28, 2005
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