hello all, XP X64 question

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Hp, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Hp

    Hp Guest

    this summer I entered into my first day-to-day living with Windows XP,
    X64 no less.

    I tried asking the MS folks my question about my problems 2 weeks ago,
    after being bounced several time, I was left with less then a helpfull
    answer. The main problem was recovering from a update that killed most
    of my internet ability on this PC, cured by a system restore, WHEW!

    Since installing and setting up win XP X64 on this unit, I have visited
    the MS site for updates fairly regularly. UNFORTUNATELY about 25% of
    the recommended updates failed to auto-install, so I have had to
    manually install about 72 out of about 209 updates since June.
    Is this Normal?
    Am I hosed up somewhere?
    Am I facing the dreaded 'reinstall gremlins' ?

    Thanks, this is probably the first of several times I shall be seeking
    Hp, Dec 11, 2010
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  2. Hp

    Hp Guest

    well, yes there is, being on a limited fixed income, I got the xp x64
    (legal copy) at a real savings compaired to vista (UGH!) or win 7.
    Hp, Dec 12, 2010
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  3. I use xp64 on a day to day basis and have never had any such problems. On
    the contrary it has been very stable for me.

    I installed it shortly before Win7 was released because I didn't want to
    touch Vista if I could avoid it.
    Uffe Kousgaard, Dec 12, 2010
  4. Hp

    Bob AZ Guest

    Since installing and setting up win XP X64 on this unit, I have visited

    I installed XP 64 bit last year in October. I did however frequent
    this site for many months gaining some knowledge that proved valuable.
    After several months of use I found the upgrade that went right in.
    Since my XP64 computer is not connected to the internet, and never
    will be, I downloaded the upgrade on my 32 bit machine and transferred
    it to my 64 bit machine with a flash drive.

    All has gone well before and after the upgrade. The 64 bit machine is
    used for photography. One does have to be careful to select 64 bit
    software for it. My only problem has been WordPerfect. I had to
    purchase WP X5 to get the printing colors correct since I use WP for
    producing documents with picture files.


    I am nowhere near the proficient 64 bit user that many here are.
    However my limited experience with XP64 tells me it is a step away
    from the XP32 bit atmosphere of junk towards the profesional
    atmosphere of stability of perhaps UNIX based computing.

    Bob AZ
    Bob AZ, Dec 13, 2010
  5. Hp

    Graystar Guest

    I have had the same results. VERY stable ever since XP pro x64 was

    The latest issue is that many companies programmers are sending out patches
    for their companies programs
    that use multi-core processors and other <unknown to me> "features".
    I had to update my BIOS a few days ago to a beta Bios just to get a patch to

    With the way these sloppy lazy programmers are dumping patches out
    with no regard to backward compatibility,
    we have no choice but to buy new hardware...
    and who can afford that?
    if you're a power user?
    and financially hit by this stupid politically generated crisis bad economy?
    Yeah. Vista & Win 7 never touched my PC and won't.
    I've been just fixing problems for other peoples installs of those and am
    not impressed.
    Not to mention how they have buggered up all the MS Office application menu
    systems ever since MS Office 2007.

    That's what happens when MS gives free reign to programmers who grew up on
    video games and have no clue as to what is efficient and what is not.
    They don't understand that they go too far with graphical menus. They
    stink! and they slow everyone down.

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    Graystar, Jan 24, 2011
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