Have an "excellent" connection, but still can't access the Interne

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, May 24, 2006.

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    Guest Guest

    Okay, so I am desperate to figure out what I did wrong. I am slowly
    learning, but really know nothing about setting up a wireless connection.
    That is why I called my provider last week and was talked through the
    wireless connection/router set-up process, and I was finally connected! I
    then went to my flatmate's laptop and did the same configuration and her's
    worked, too, both laptops with an "excellent" connection.

    However, when I got home from work later that day, my computer showed that
    it was still connected (blinking monitor on my toolbar), but I couldn't
    access any website with my Internet Explorer or use any program that
    connected to the internet (like Yahoo Messenger). My flatmate, however,
    still had full use of the internet, and both of our computers still showed an
    "excellent" connection. I compared our configurations again, and they were
    the same...clearly, since I had not reconfigured anything since that

    I tried disconnecting and reconnecting and even restarting my computer, but
    the same problem. I also saw my wireless network on the list of networks I
    could connect to say "Not Connected" instead of "Automatic" or "Manual" with
    a star next to it, but when I highlighted it and clicked CONNECT, it asked
    me if I was sure I wanted to disconnect?! So what does "Not Connected" mean
    if I was already connected, and if I was already connected, why can't I
    access the internet?

    I have tried clicking this and that on and off in my wireless network
    settings, but to no avail...and for a few days I lost all connection
    (blinking monitor on taskbar showed a red x). At times it didn’t even show
    my wireless network on the list of networks I could connect to. As of last
    Saturday, my flatmate disconnected and restarted her computer and now she
    can't get connected again, but my internet connection magically appeared
    again a couple of days after that. ??!! HOWEVER, I’m still not able to
    access websites on Internet Explorer or use any program that accesses the
    internet…not even if I disconnect the wireless and use the cable connection.
    So, recap of past few days: one computer shows an excellent connection, but
    can’t access the internet, and the other can’t connect because the wireless
    network (that the one laptop is connected to) does not appear on it’s list of
    available wireless networks.

    I don't think it's a location issue, because the router (a Webmaster 3100SV,
    by NTT, the national communications company here in Japan) is right next to
    my computer and just a few feet away from my flatmate's computer. The router
    is intact and plugged into the electric outlet and phone jack. ASDL and PPP
    lights are on and not blinking.

    Both of the laptop’s current wireless network settings are:
    "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" and the
    top-of-the-list preferred network (my network's) properties are: Open Network
    Authentication and Disabled Data encryption...set to "connect when this
    network is in range" Advanced settings: access "any available network(
    access point preferred)" and checked to automatically connect to
    non-preferred networks. And, yes, the wireless network connection is enabled.

    Should both computers have the same wireless network settings/properties?

    I also know these settings are not for a secured wireless connection. If
    anyone can help me: (1) Get the wireless connection working again on both
    computers and (2) configure my connection so that it is a secure one, I would
    NTT hasn’t been able to assess the problem over the phone and they are
    sending someone out to the house next week to help me. I’d like to avoid
    that $100+ charge, if possible, so ANY input you have is appreciated.

    Thank you!
    Guest, May 24, 2006
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  2. Guest

    jimbo Guest

    The only thing different from my setup is you have checked
    "automatically connect to non-preferred networks".
    You might try this procedure:

    Power down all devices, modems, routers and PCs. You didn't say if you
    have a separate router and cable/dsl modem, this procedure will assume
    you have two devices. Wait about 60 seconds, then power up the
    cable/dsl modem. Wait about 60 seconds, then power up the router. Wait
    about 60 seconds then power up a PC.

    Now try to connect to the network/Internet. This procedure usually
    gets everything back in sync.

    If your network is the one at the top of the list and it shows as
    connected but you are still not getting Internet access, try
    disconnecting and reconnecting. Never mind what the messages say, ask
    to disconnect, then connect.

    Last, open a terminal window and type ipconfig <enter>. You should see
    a table of information on your NIC. One line should be your IP
    address. It should be something like If it is very
    different, it means you not getting an IP address from the router. Try
    resetting the router to factory defaults.

    Good luck, jimbo
    jimbo, May 24, 2006
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