Has news.plus.net stopped working?

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Clive Page, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Clive Page

    Clive Page Guest

    I'm a Plusnet customer, and used to get status updates via their set of
    Usenet news feeds on their servers at news.plus.net, but since late
    September I have seen no posts at all, nor have I seen anything about
    them abandoning Usenet. Are there any other customers who know anything
    about this?
    Clive Page, Oct 26, 2015
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  2. Clive Page

    NY Guest

    It's certainly working for me (that's how I've seen this message!). Are you
    meaning newgroups in general or are you talking about some Plusnet-specific
    groups? I'm wondering whether it's the latter since you refer to "status
    NY, Oct 26, 2015
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  3. Clive Page

    Andy Burns Guest

    Flying Nun specifically asked about the p.s.status group a few days ago,
    Bob was investigating, I might have missed any response ...
    Andy Burns, Oct 26, 2015
  4. Still no further forward I'm afraid. It's not intentional though, and
    I've been trying to get it fixed.
    Plusnet Support Team, Oct 26, 2015
  5. That's weird. It's working fine for me too on Plusnet
    (news.plus.net:119). You'll be able to tell exactly where I am from my IP.

    Vir Campestris, Oct 26, 2015
  6. Clive Page

    Andy Burns Guest

    I don't think anyone was saying the server was down, just that no new
    postings were appearing in plusnet.service.status
    Andy Burns, Oct 27, 2015
  7. Clive Page

    NY Guest

    Yes Clive Page's question "has news.plus.net stopped working?" could have
    been phrased better: like you, I thought he was referring to the whole
    server (which certainly is working) rather than some Plusnet-specific groups
    on it (which evidently aren't).

    I get status updates from PN by email (goodness knows how I set it up - that
    was years ago) rather than using plusnet.service.status
    which I hadn't heard of until I saw this thread yesterday.
    NY, Oct 27, 2015
  8. Plusnet Support Team, Oct 27, 2015
  9. I hadn't come across those groups. I've just subscribed to a few, and I
    see no posts for a while.

    Vir Campestris, Oct 27, 2015
  10. Clive Page

    Clive Page Guest

    Yes, apologies, it could have been phrased better. I should have
    reported that I can connect to the server without error and see old
    posts, but nothing new has been posted on plusnet.service.status or
    plusnet.service.announce or plusnet.www.announce for over a month,
    whereas previously there have been posts on them at least every few days.

    Incidentally, and no doubt a complete coincidence, the Plusnet service
    I've been getting has been notably worse over the last couple of weeks:
    connections lost for a minute or two at a time at least a few times a
    day, and for ~5 mins once or twice. Messrs TalkTalk seem to have some
    exceedingly cheap offers going at present - would be very tempting to
    switch, if not for certain recent events.
    Clive Page, Oct 27, 2015
  11. Clive Page

    chris Guest

    Their offers were tempting, but to my mind felt *too* cheap. I can now
    see why (probably).

    Also, there are regular reports on here regarding the terrible customer
    service from TT, especially when trying to cancel a subscription.
    chris, Oct 28, 2015
  12. Clive Page

    NY Guest

    The excellent customer service from PlusNet is one of the reasons I stay
    with them. BT and TT have appalling customer service, staffed by foreign
    people who have strong accents and who insist on doing everything by the
    book: they have that curious combination of being irritatingly patronising
    and yet at the same time utterly clueless.

    When I phone customer service desks, I usually start by briefing them on
    what I've already tried and what does/doesn't work, so they can tailor their
    response accordingly and don't have to go back to basics and re-test things
    that I've already tested myself. Also so they know what level of technical
    knowledge I have and that they can say "now reboot your router" rather than
    describing in minute detail how to do it.

    Sadly BT and TT don't seem able to cope with this, so any call to them is a
    looooong tedious process of them getting me to try things which are either
    irrelevant to the problem or else I've already tried. And peppered with that
    irritating pseudo-obsequious manner that Indian call centres have perfected,
    which involves them using your name at the end of every sentence and
    requires them to seek your permission before they make any suggestions as to
    what to try next.

    None of that with PN - just a proper expert-to-expert conversation in a
    down-to-earth Yorkshire accent.

    PS: I'm only a satisfied customer - they're not paying me to say this :))
    NY, Oct 28, 2015
  13. Clive Page

    Bob Henson Guest

    Whilst the "recent events" have to be taken very seriously, no great
    harm was done - and you can bet they'll tighten up security from now on
    and be one of the best - especially now it has hammered their share
    prices. Even if consumers don't count for much in most companies these
    days, shareholders do - big time. I've used TalkTalk for some time now,
    and if you are thinking of switching I have found the service reliable
    (and fast here close to a cabinet - 37+ Mbs on their up to 38Mbs fibre
    connection. As you remark, it is a country mile cheaper than BT,
    especially if you look at what BT's prices go up to in the second year
    after the offers disappear. I had to ring up to find out what it goes up
    to, they keep it very quiet and it is hard to find on the website. You
    pay a high price for a bit of free WiFi - which is BT's only advantage,
    in my opinion.

    The downside is TalkTalk's appalling telephone customer service - farmed
    out overseas to unintelligible barely English speaking staff. However,
    their online community forum is well covered by competent staff that
    I've found very helpful - so that's the way to go if there are queries.
    Don't go for them just for their e-mail either, it is slow and
    unreliable compared to Gmail or a well hosted domain of one's own.
    Bob Henson, Oct 28, 2015
  14. Clive Page

    Chronos Guest

    Except to their reputation. "There's no legal obligation to encrypt."
    Quite. There's no legal obligation for me to lock my car, either, but
    you can bet the insurance won't pay out if it gets nicked in that state
    and I try that as an excuse.

    Unless there's a top-down removal of people with IQs of less than 100,
    I'd be very wary of taking them up on their offer of "service." That
    word has a couple of contexts and I don't think I'd really like the one
    they actually have in mind.
    Chronos, Oct 28, 2015
  15. "Bob Henson" wrote

    out overseas to unintelligible barely English speaking staff. However,
    their online community forum is well covered by competent staff that
    I've found very helpful - so that's the way to go if there are queries.
    Don't go for them just for their e-mail either, it is slow and
    unreliable compared to Gmail or a well hosted domain of one's own.

    How to find a well host ?

    Talktalk still have some of my legacy (lineone screaming.net tiscali) email
    boxen and they do well enough, much the same as orange and freeserve.

    I don't expect any service response from them of course, I just keep an eye
    on their online community forums.

    OTOH I once had a dial up account with them until they dropped it. I wonder
    if they still have my bank details ?
    Michael R N Dolbear, Oct 28, 2015
  16. Clive Page

    Bob Henson Guest

    I'm sure there are lots. I use Penguin Internet:-


    who have been totally reliable, easy to use and helpful, over the years
    I have used them. If you mention a few names in here, I'm sure folk will
    respond if they have had any negative experiences. If you pick the wrong
    one, it isn't too difficult to move your domain/s to elsewhere.
    My talktalk.net address often fails to respond at all and provokes error
    messages from my software - and it is slow when it does work.
    It's the only way with TalkTalk.
    Amongst hundreds of others, they may well do. Everyone to whom you have
    ever written a cheque or made a bank payment has them. The UK data
    regulations are as clear as mud - they require data users to delete the
    data when they are no longer required, and then add more laws insisting
    that various people retain the data for varying and largely unspecified
    time. Fortunately, I'm retired and no longer am registered as a data
    user - albeit my set-up was was relatively simple.
    Bob Henson, Oct 29, 2015
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