Has anyone failed it?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by me_at_me, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. me_at_me

    me_at_me Guest

    Hello everyone...

    I am preparing for the A+ exam and planning to take it in about a month from
    now. I have so far seen many posts expressing great appreciation for
    Michael Meyers' book the 'All-In-One A+ Certification'. I have the fourth
    edition. The book seems very good.

    However, my question (or questions) is: has anyone here failed the A+ exam?
    Is the exam doable, given that I have a fair background in computers
    (hardware and software)? Would you guys recommend paying attention to very
    small details such as knowing IRQ numbers? or would simply the big picture
    of things be enough? and is there any specific aspect that must be
    thoroughly considered/studyed?

    thanks for your help in advance.
    me_at_me, Aug 11, 2005
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  2. me_at_me

    Jamco Guest

    The exam is extremely easy
    Jamco, Aug 11, 2005
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  3. me_at_me

    JohnO Guest

    This is especially true if you can "work" a multiple choice exam. Assuming
    you know the answers to half the questions, you now have 80% of what you
    need to pass.

    Of the remaining 40 questions, you need ten more correct answers. You can
    easily get to a 50% chance of guessing right on 40 questions by eliminating
    dumb answers, and there are plenty of those.

    With a basic foundation, and a test strategy, IMO you can't fail. :-(

    -John O
    JohnO, Aug 11, 2005
  4. me_at_me

    Jim Guest

    Is this just the A+ or all their exams overall?

    Jim, Aug 11, 2005
  5. me_at_me

    JohnO Guest

    Where do get that info?

    -John O
    JohnO, Aug 11, 2005
  6. My guess is all, and A+ likely has the highest pass rate, or close.

    Tom MacIntyre, Aug 11, 2005
  7. me_at_me

    Pat Guest

    Good grief...that's sad.
    Pat, Aug 11, 2005
  8. me_at_me

    Michael Guest

    Huh? Get yourself to the bookstore and get the fifth edition. Never study
    for a test with a book for a previous version of the test. Otherwise, you
    will be studying some unnecessary material and missing the new stuff.
    Michael, Aug 12, 2005
  9. Security+ must have the lowest pass rate, I'd think.

    Tom MacIntyre, Aug 12, 2005
  10. me_at_me


    On first try i was failed and my biggest fault is to relied on
    Transcender product. Questions were wordy and didn't explain in an easy
    way. However A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (5th edition) is
    best for exam, but to overcome the anxiety, 2nd time I used uCertify
    prep product and on them I got 70% discount. I thought the exam was a
    little harder than the hardware exam. It is true when they say you need
    experience in the field. Well, I don't work in the field, but I try to
    include any computer knowledge to my workplace. Get very familiar with
    the OS commands. So Study everythings.
    Good luck to everyone who are going to take the exam in the near
    , Aug 13, 2005
  11. me_at_me

    CLV3 Guest

    Really???? That many people have failed?? I guess that makes me feel even
    better about passing the Net+. LOL. Though I found it quite easy really.
    CLV3, Aug 13, 2005
  12. me_at_me

    JohnO Guest

    Comptia Exams have about a 30 per cent pass rate.

    The pass rate is around 80% for ALL CompTIA exams. Always has been, always
    will be.

    -John O
    JohnO, Aug 14, 2005
  13. me_at_me

    CLV3 Guest

    And I was thinking I was so special.
    CLV3, Aug 14, 2005
  14. me_at_me

    Chris Guest

    Guys I need some advice,

    I am currently a pretty basic technical support rep that handle
    hardware issues for best buy customers that are in warranty. I am
    working towardas my BBA in MIS. I have been working since feb 2005. I
    am working in getting my a + and then my net +, followed my MCSA and
    MCP. ANy advice on how much I can make in the florida market with 1
    year of experience and a+ and net +. I currently make 12/hr and would
    like to make 15-20/hr. Is this realistic?

    Chris newbie II
    Chris, Aug 15, 2005
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