Has anybody tried pop riveting 2 cheap cases together?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by news2.thing, May 18, 2009.

  1. news2.thing

    news2.thing Guest

    I am looking for a case thats cheap but can hold a lot of
    disk.........the server cases are just silly money....

    So I can see a case for instance $70 ~ $120 each say with 6~8 x 3.5
    bays....if I pop rivet/screw/weld two together I can run 12~16
    disks....for $140~$240......still leaving 6~7 x 5.25inch bays free....



    Biggest worry is cable length.........depending on the case and how
    the bay is laid out in respect to the motherboard and its back plane,
    it could be hard or easy....

    So I could either have the motherbaord in the middle between the two
    caes and feed disk cables behind, or a case that has a removable
    motherboard backplane so I just have a very deep case....

    ideas? thoughts?


    news2.thing, May 18, 2009
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  2. news2.thing

    Richard Guest

    Sounds similar to the yeong yang cube case which has the mobo in the
    center of it.

    I have a couple. Cable length is only an issue on the stupidly short
    free sata cables that are going from PCI cards - the ones from the mobo
    are fine with 50cm, and 90cm are not that expensive.

    When I had pata drives in it, there was a bit of a challange to get the
    cables to reach but now its sata only no worries.

    The cube case has the drives attach from the front using rails for the
    5" and the 3" attach into brackets that screw into the back. You are not
    going to be able to get to the middle screws if you permanantly join the
    cases together, unless the drive cages remove, which they dont look like
    they will.

    Also, what to do with the big second power supply hole on the case?
    Richard, May 18, 2009
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  3. news2.thing

    news2.thing Guest

    90cm sounds like a plan.
    I have a shed load of PATAs...might be tricky...some I can convert to
    sata's though...

    Ah yes the cage screws....


    Knew it was no quite that easy, thought I'd missed
    something....hmmm.....I might have to make little sliders for one side
    and just screw from the other....fiddly though....but my time is
    That's easy, for now, blank it, I have some alloy sheet...

    The initial idea is to have an iSCSI & CIFS Freenas box then later
    when I have some $ use the second backplane as a ESXi unit...multi Gb
    them together...

    Ive found a Gigabyte one that has quick release
    brackets..........might get two of those.




    news2.thing, May 18, 2009
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