Hardware for small Asterisk implementation

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Steve Fitzgerald, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. I'm planning on testing the Asterisk PBX and I am interested in the
    hardware requirements for my situation. I'm running Red Hat Linux 9 on
    a PII 400 MHz machine with 412 MB RAM. I have two analog lines that I
    want to use. If the test goes well, I would like to add at least one
    Cisco 79XX phone. My network is NATed and I'm using Comcast for my
    broadband connection. I should also mention that I am using Vonage as
    my "teleco" provider. I have read the hardware recommendations on the
    Asterisk website, but I have to admit I'm very much a newbie in this

    Steve Fitzgerald, Aug 1, 2004
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  2. Steve Fitzgerald

    Soren Rathje Guest

    You should be able to find all you need to know about Asterisk here..


    The WiKi is the place for Asterisk information.

    -- Soren
    Soren Rathje, Aug 1, 2004
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