Hard Drive Runs Non-stop

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by rfdjr1, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. rfdjr1

    rfdjr1 Guest

    My hard drive has taken to running almost non-stop. And now everytime I
    try to use a program, it seems like everything has to wait for the hard
    drive to let the program run, or move a file, or copy something. I'm
    using Windows 98SE on a 1Ghz machine, WD 80Gb HD in four equal
    partitions. with 512Mb RAM. What could this problem be? I've scanned for
    viruses, and I'm apparently clean. I've cleaned out all my unnecessary
    files, cleaned up my registry, nothing runs in the background except
    things related to Norton Antivirus, and my mouse and keyboard software,
    and GoBack. So I can't figure out what the priblem is. I don't believe
    my drive is very fragmented as I defragged a few weeks ago. Thanks for
    any help.
    rfdjr1, Oct 14, 2003
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  2. rfdjr1

    Ionizer Guest

    GoBack does need to run for a while after a defrag so that it can take note
    of where all your files have been relocated to, but this took less than an
    hour on my old PIII system, not several weeks as you describe. Still, it
    might be GoBack that is causing the activity. You could always shut it down
    and restart it to see, although this will erase all its restore points.

    Ionizer, Oct 14, 2003
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  3. rfdjr1

    rfdjr1 Guest

    Thanks for that. Speaking of GoBack, there s file on my D drive, in the
    root directory, called gobackio.bin, which is 4,096,000Kb in size. Go
    Back itself is installed on my C drive in the Program Files folder,
    under Roxio/GoBack. Any idea why this huge file seated itself on my D
    drive? Is this the date file GoBack keeps in case I want to revert my
    drive, or can I delte it and pick up a big chunk of disk space. I see no
    other Go Back related folders in the Program Files which is this big.
    Thanks again.
    rfdjr1, Oct 14, 2003
  4. Goback does have a habit of writing to the disk. A lot. Pretty much
    nonstop, in my experience.

    For example, I installed a large (2 gigs -- MS Flight Sim '04) program
    last night around 9PM. Goback is still catching up as I write this,
    almost 14 hours later. (I'm on XP, pentium 2.4ghz, 768mb, 120gb in one

    It's annoying, but as far as I can tell it really doesn't impact
    performance, and goback has been a lifesaver over and over; so I'm
    inclined to just ignore it. Go buy yourself a quieter hard drive or a
    Antec Sonata case...

    Daniel Drucker /
    Daniel M. Drucker, Oct 15, 2003
  5. rfdjr1

    rfdjr1 Guest

    I'n not even concerned about hearing the hard drive. In fact, I can
    barely hear it. I noticed the problem by seeing the red light on the
    front of the case constantly blinking. This is the hard drive activity
    light as far as I know. And I agree about Go Back. I've even used it to
    bail out of a virus situation more than once, when the virus wasn't in
    my dictionary.
    rfdjr1, Oct 17, 2003
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