Hard drive is reseting itself to PI0 mode

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by dignan2, May 23, 2006.

  1. dignan2

    dignan2 Guest

    Windows XP, seagate 200 gig drive (secondary drive).

    I erase the secondary drive in device manager and reboot. I've had
    this problem before on another system and this has always fixed it.
    Windows keeps reseting the drive to PI0 after I've chosen DMA.

    I've run Seagate Tools on the drive with no errors (both tests), i've
    also run PC Check on the drive, no mechanical problems and no bad

    dignan2, May 23, 2006
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  2. You probably need to install the latest chipset drivers for your mainboard,
    and take a look for bios updates also.
    Walter Mautner, May 23, 2006
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