hard drive crash? or something else?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Demolitio, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. Demolitio

    Demolitio Guest

    a friend of mine has been experiencing problems with his old computer
    lately, an old Pentium 2 model. every time he boots windows xp on his
    system, the bootscreen is quickly replaced with what looks like the winxp
    version of a Bsod for a few seconds, followed by the system shutting down
    and restarting. i assume it's his hard drive that is the culprit, as it is
    very old, and he has had trouble with it not even being able to find the OS
    at times.

    does anyone here know if there are any other components that could be
    causing this error? TIA

    his system:
    Pentium 2 300MHZ (?)
    (unknown motherboard)
    256 MB SD-RAM
    16MB PCI video card (trident?)
    50GB WD harddrive
    Demolitio, Jun 11, 2005
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  2. Demolitio

    Duane Arnold Guest

    Maybe, your friend should send it to the big door stop in the sky.

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Jun 11, 2005
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  3. Demolitio

    Toolman Tim Guest

    Could be hardware, but I'd be checking software first.

    1) turn off the auto-reboot: right-click "My Computer", then click on
    "Properties". Select the "Advanced" tab, then at the bottom, click on
    "Settings" for Startup and Recovery". Uncheck "Automatically Restart".

    2) now you can read the BSOD info - get that written down, and post it in a
    reply to this thread.
    Toolman Tim, Jun 11, 2005
  4. Demolitio

    Toolman Tim Guest

    That was my first though too - like OMG! A PII??? Let the sucker DIE and get
    it over with ;o)
    Toolman Tim, Jun 11, 2005
  5. Demolitio

    root Guest

    Safe Mode press F8 at windows startup

    Failing that

    Windows XP recovery console may get it started again
    root, Jun 11, 2005
  6. Demolitio

    Duane Arnold Guest

    I had a P2 laptop the company gave away that I had installed Win2k on before
    it died. I could start something up, go down stairs, fix a sandwich, pour a
    glass of soda pop and come back and it was still grinding away trying to
    start. And don't make a mistake and start two things at once. It's a paper
    weight now sitting on a table -- on top of some papers. It actually was
    used by someone back in 2001 as a work machine running Win 2K. ;-)

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Jun 11, 2005
  7. Demolitio

    Toolman Tim Guest

    I put XP on my first PII laptop - 400MHz. Once it booted, it was fine.
    Someone stole it...lucky me :(
    Toolman Tim, Jun 11, 2005
  8. Probably Ebenezer Scrooge.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Jun 11, 2005
  9. Demolitio

    Demolitio Guest

    little good does that do, when the computer Bsods just past the bootscreen.
    Demolitio, Jun 11, 2005
  10. Demolitio

    Toolman Tim Guest

    Have you ever heard of "Safe Mode"?
    Toolman Tim, Jun 11, 2005
  11. Demolitio

    mhicaoidh Guest

    Taking a moment's reflection, Demolitio mused:
    | little good does that do, when the computer Bsods just past the
    | bootscreen.

    ...try a different (read: older) OS ...
    mhicaoidh, Jun 11, 2005
  12. Demolitio

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    Maybe MS Blast worm?
    Ron Reaugh, Jun 11, 2005
  13. Demolitio

    Demolitio Guest

    nothing like that.... the blaster worm initiates a 30-second shutdown after
    you connect to the internet... this problem restarts the system before i
    even see the "welcome" screen.
    Demolitio, Jun 11, 2005
  14. Demolitio

    Demolitio Guest

    oh, definatly,i have... but it gives me the same problem in safe mode,just
    after it loads the system drivers (before the "welcome" screen)
    Demolitio, Jun 11, 2005
  15. Demolitio

    Jim Byrd Guest

    Hi Demolitio - See if you can boot to Last Known Good configuration from the
    F8 select menu.
    Jim Byrd, Jun 11, 2005
  16. Demolitio

    Toolman Tim Guest

    Okay - install the recovery console, boot to that, then run chkdsk /f
    (pretty sure it runs in the console) and maybe SFC /scannow (system file
    checker - again, that may or may not run under the recovery console. I
    haven't had to try in several months now.)

    How to install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP
    Toolman Tim, Jun 11, 2005
  17. Demolitio

    Demolitio Guest

    thanks for the info Tim....but there is one small problem: the bootcrash,
    naturally, is preventing me from even logging on to a windows session,
    wether in safe mode, or otherwise. the link you gave me gives me
    instructions on how to install the console while inside windows...whileas
    the crash isn't even letting me get THAT far.
    Demolitio, Jun 11, 2005
  18. Demolitio

    Demolitio Guest

    Hi Jim.....

    no luck.. Safe Mode, Last known, Normal boot.... they all end in the BSOD
    as soon as the OS is finished booting (before the "welcome screen")
    Demolitio, Jun 11, 2005
  19. Demolitio

    old jon Guest

    Hi Demo. get hold of a win ME bootdisk at `bootdisk.com`. Boot computer with
    it. Start with option CD. Read screen msgs to determine CD letter.
    Type CD (space drive letter.) You can insert the CD, and do a sys. repair.
    Best wishes..J
    old jon, Jun 11, 2005
  20. Demolitio

    Toolman Tim Guest

    Read it again - slower this time...especially THIS part:

    "To run the Recovery Console from the Windows XP startup disks or the
    Windows XP CD-ROM, follow these steps: 1.Insert the Windows XP startup disk
    into the floppy disk drive, or insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into the CD-ROM
    drive, and then restart the computer.

    Click to select any options that are required to start the computer from the
    CD-ROM drive if you are prompted.
    2.When the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears, press R to start the Recovery
    3.If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot computer, select the installation
    that you must access from the Recovery Console.
    4.When you are prompted, type the Administrator password. If the
    administrator password is blank, just press ENTER.
    5.At the command prompt, type the appropriate commands to diagnose and
    repair your Windows XP installation. "
    Toolman Tim, Jun 11, 2005
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