hard drive cloning

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by tami, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. tami

    tami Guest

    I have a hard drive that is on the verge of crashing and
    I was advised to clone it now so as to lose minimal data.
    I am running XP/OS and have an AMD Duron processor. Any
    tami, Dec 15, 2003
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  2. tami

    JMW Guest

    The best way is to use a 3rd party application such as
    Norton Ghost and capture the hard driva as an image that
    can be burned to a CD for re-installation.
    Keep in mind, when doing it this way, it captures the
    devices and drivers installed as well as the OS files, so
    you have to re-install on a similar or identical system.
    Good Luck and remember to buck up system before the drive
    JMW, Dec 15, 2003
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