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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by The Case Man, Nov 14, 2008.

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    The Case Man

    Nov 14, 2008
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    I am running XP on my PC.

    Ok so today like many other gamers I went out and purchased the new World of Warcraft x-pack. Machine booted up fine. I started to install the software it was at 61% went upstairs and fell asleep when I woke up I saw my screen saver had started but was frozen. I tried pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete but nothing happened. Like any other hard crash I powered the system down waited and powered back up. Right after the initialization screen I got the message that hal.dll is missing or corrupt and needs to be reinstalled. I tried to start XP in safe mode same message. I tried booting from the XP cd after all the drivers are loaded I get the Blue Screen of DEATH..... Windows has shut down because if it doesn't little kittens will DIE!!!!! Does any one know how to get windows to not protect me from evil?!?!?! If my data is lost its lost. If a giant lazer is going to take me out then please blue screen all you want!!.....any how..... I tried loading from the cd a second time and after it reinitialized the USB ports I started pressing R every second and got the recovery screen. So at the C: prompt I tried the whole bootini repair. After waiting a little it told me to run chkdsk first. So that got me thinking my file system / tree is screwed up. So I tried the ole' dir command. Got a message saying it could not create the table. So I went to my other drives and it listed files and directories just fine on them. Went back to C: and ran chkdsk or tried to and after waiting 5 mins finally got a message saying chkdsk could not run. I'm at work at the moment and I forget the exact message but when I saw the words it was something like unrecoverable.

    Is there anything else I can try before I head out and buy a new computer or hard drive? I do have some information I need on that drive. Otherwise it would just meet my trusty never fails on me sledge hammer....
    The Case Man, Nov 14, 2008
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