hahahahahaha.. what is it?...lol..I dunnnonnononon

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Golly, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Golly

    Golly Guest

    hahahahahahahaha. Found this this morning. This guy is nuts. Probably
    nuttier than ladin.... He has made this online um well I dunno what you'd
    call it. Cult seems like a good word.......... Have a look. If You can
    explain it you are a better man than I..


    Here is an extract if you can face it......lol

    peace and be well.......


    Samuel J Farterskid founded the "Church Of The
    Mighty Bunghole" in the year 1527. Samuel was
    a simple carpenter, he didn't support religion and
    certainly didn't wipe his bottom or flush the chain.
    Late one evening Samuel was sitting on the poo
    container reading his copy of the daily turnip when
    suddenly he heard a tapping noise that seemed to
    be coming from outside. He nipped off the hanging
    log, pulled his crispy pants up and went to investigate.
    The stars outside were shining, but something was odd.
    There was stillness in the air and a smell so disgusting
    that it could take the enamel off of your teeth. Samuel
    held his nose tightly and looked into the night sky.

    Out of nowhere what seemed like a huge pair of buttocks
    the size of Spain emerged just to the left of the moon. All
    of the stars disappeared. It was the arrival of "The Great
    Bunghole In The Sky". Samuel froze in fear as the huge
    bottom cheeks filled the sky. Then they spoke. This is what
    they told him:

    "Samuel J Farterskid, I am your new lord and master The
    Great Bunghole In The Sky and I command you to do my
    bidding. I have noticed that people have become far too
    hygienic for their own good. I have noticed the creation
    of the dreaded toilet and I have noticed people washing
    their underwear". His voice turned into a roar. "It has to stop".
    Samuel filled his pants in fear. The Bunghole continued.
    "I want you to spread the gospel of The Mighty Bunghole.
    I made this world out of a ball of shit from my own anus
    and I do not want to see it ruined by sinners and bottom wipers.
    You will help me put a stop to this". The Mighty Bunghole
    opened his crack to full capacity and with a little squeaky fart
    two tablets of poo popped out of his rectum. "These are the
    Ten Commandments. I expect them to be obeyed by all".
    Then he vanished in a puff of whiff juice.

    Samuel was a wise man. He got to work creating
    "The Church Of The Mighty Bunghole". At first
    he had problems finding a building that did not contain
    toilets. In the end he built his own church in a little town
    called Borehamwood on the outskirts of London.

    These days The Church Of The Mighty Bunghole thrives.
    We have over four million members' worldwide. We recently
    moved the church from Borehamwood. It is now situated in
    the beautiful Devonshire countryside and funds are currently
    being raised to found our church in the United States.
    Golly, Jun 27, 2003
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  2. Golly

    Dave Korn Guest

    I'll have a go.....
    Ah yes. That'll be "humour". Surprised you haven't heard of it.

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    Dave Korn, Jun 28, 2003
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