Guineapig 8 DVD +poster and T-shirt set

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Daryl ~OZDAZ~, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. For Sale ; Guineapig series ,all 6 dvds from "flowers of flesh and blood"
    to "mermaid in a manhole"all 6 movies plus 2 making of dvds totalling 8
    DVD's in a box set including a limited edition T-shirt and poster, only 3000
    box sets ever printed and all are numbered to help retain their collection
    value world wide, banned in many countries and this set is likely to be the
    only full box set to ever be released due to the horrific nature of the
    movies, any one who has seen or heard of this set of movies will be aware of
    the sensitive nature of these dvd's, one of a few incidents involving a
    title in this set resulted in Charlie Sheen handing a VHS bootleg copy to
    the FBI as a snuff movie and it took the FBI months and the use of forensic
    pathologists to debunk his claim, a simular incident happened in the UK
    where they are still banned, where a man was arrested in a sting, the video
    was controled delivered by customs and the police and the man was chaqrged
    with importing a snuff film and 6 months elapsed before he was vinidicated
    such is the quality of the effects used in these films.
    The full set has been remastered for its release in DVD format and the whole
    boxset is in mint condition with only 2 of the 8 dvds ever to see a DVD
    player the poster and T shirt are untouched.
    These DVD's as a boxset are an investment in the medium to short term, they
    have doubled in value in the last 18 months as they are now out of print and
    only available as single dvds with some titles not available at all.thou
    many copies are available on EBay but they are poor copy bootlegs
    Any interested parties please contact me at

    willing to ship world wide.
    Daryl ~OZDAZ~, Dec 22, 2003
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