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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Fred, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I want to thank those who replied to my question, and to save
    bandwidth I'll combine all the replies in this one message. (I hope
    the Mac-vs-PC crowd also had fun, but because of all the s/w I've
    collected and still use over the last 11 years of PC computing I've
    got to stick with PCs.)

    Mark, as I've said, I must stick with PC.

    Raymond--When I bought my IBM Aptiva 4 years ago, the 256 MB RAM
    seemed excessive, and of course now it's pathetic. Unfortunately the
    motherboard only holds 2 128MB DIMMs, so it's a new machine for me.
    But there's a lesson here, as

    Robert noted. I'll be ready to expand and not get a machine which is
    just enough.

    Jerry gave some recommendations about where (and what) to buy. Thanks.

    JK--I'll make sure I can expand to 1 GB RAM.

    I have another question, as I'm closing in on my purchase. What about
    a DVD burner? I've made some VCDs of digital pictures to display on my
    35" TV. They're OK, but the resolution is disapppointing. They
    wouldn't do in the long run. DVD burners are pretty expensive still.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again for all the helpful replies.

    Fred, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. Fred

    Steve m... Guest

    I've made up VCD's also that the quality was lacking. I then made up DVD's
    with the same shots and they are much better. You wouldn't be unhappy with
    those. It's a big difference even on a regular screen tv.
    If you really want to speed up your computer get a motherboard that
    supports the fastest memory made today. And get a cpu with a high bus
    bandwidth. 333mhz or faster. It makes a big difference in compute time
    with faster components. The extra cost of these parts is worth it when
    doing rendering for DVD's and processing photos.
    I've even used a old cpu I had laying around lately (950mhz) with some
    DDR400 and being able to overclock the memory bus even makes a big
    difference in speed just due to the extra speed of the memory bus
    transactions. It's a noticeable difference. It doesn't make the cpu faster
    but allows it to process things without waiting for memory transactions to
    occur due to a slower bus architecture.

    Steve m...
    Steve m..., Dec 1, 2003
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