Group Policy and PEAP

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Kevin Lancaster, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. I quote from the "Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003
    Administrators Companion" book:-

    "Although PEAP provides great wireless security and is easier to implement
    than EAP-TLS authentication, there are two significant drawbacks. The first
    is that you won't be able to remotely administer wireless clients unless
    someone's logged on. The second is that Group Policy Computer Configuration
    won't work."

    Based on my own experience of using PEAP based wireless networks, I would
    disagree with both of the above statements.

    1. When a computer on the network starts up, the computer account
    authenticates. This is confirmed by the following;
    i) An event appears in the event log stating that the computer account has
    ii) I can access the computer via Computer Management from the server
    iii) There is an option in the configuration that states to "Authenticate as
    computer when computer information is available"
    iv) When a user logs on, another event occurs stating the user has been
    given access. When the user logs off, the computer again authenticates.
    v) The computer account is denied access unless Dial-In access is granted
    according to the Remote Access Policy.

    2. I can only assume the statement about Group Policy Computer Configuration
    not working is because of the first point that, according to the book, the
    computer does not have network access until a user logs on. Thus, no access,
    how can Group Policy be applied?

    I am surprised to read this because without the computer obtaining network
    access the whole process of domain access, DNS registration, roaming
    profiles etc will not work unless network access is obtained prior to logon.

    These statements are based on experience gained from using Cisco Aironet
    Access Points, Windows 2003 Small Business Server, Both Verisign and
    Microsoft Certificates and Windows XP Desktops using the WZC service.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

    Kevin Lancaster, Jun 23, 2004
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