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Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Davey, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. I opted for the TG582n, and it works very well with, currently (I just
    counted them in my head) eight devices. It also has the usual four
    ethernet ports, one of which has to be used as the input from the VDSL
    modem. I would say it's perfectly suitable for a domestic network.

    Also, it contains an ADSL modem (though not a VDSL one) so if it
    arrives a few days before the fibre installation day, as mine did, you
    can use it on your existing ADSL service, and just make a simple
    setting change on the day.

    What it doesn't have is lots of interesting technical settings and
    diagnostics to mess about with, and the web interface is a bit slow to
    respond, but it does the job. A unique wireless SSID and security key
    are already set, and the details printed on a handy little plastic
    card, but you can change these in the usual way if you want.

    Roderick Stewart, Aug 31, 2014
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  2. Davey

    Mark Carver Guest

    Mark Carver, Aug 31, 2014
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  3. Davey

    Mark Carver Guest

    I have the same with Plusnet, I have 15 domestic appliances, (12 WiFi, 3
    wired) Basic box, but does the job.
    Mark Carver, Aug 31, 2014
  4. Davey

    Andy Burns Guest

    Andy Burns, Aug 31, 2014
  5. Davey

    Davey Guest

    When I asked if my current Thompson TG585 would support two Wireless
    devices, as I couldn't see how to make it do so, I was told that it
    could only do one. Maybe we misunderstood each other, though, reading
    " description: Network controller
    product: BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter
    vendor: Broadcom Corporation"

    So: b, g and n.

    Correct. I have currently a Wireless connection to an IP Camera, via an
    extender, and that goes from the Thompson to a different PC, for
    Zoneminder only. But would like to be also able to use the laptop
    wirelessly, which would be a different network. Maybe it need not,
    but this is where I get lost. That is what I was asking about when I
    talked to Zen, but for exactly what you call DaveysPublic. But if the
    Technicolor will do this, and it appears that it will, all well and

    Thanks for help.
    Davey, Aug 31, 2014
  6. Davey

    Davey Guest

    Thanks, Mark and Roderick, both. Much appreciated.
    Davey, Aug 31, 2014
  7. Davey

    Andy Burns Guest

    What do you consider a "device"? For most people each laptop,
    smartphone, tablet, wireless IP camera etc would count as a device.
    OK with reasonable signal, you could get 72Mbps link speed, if the
    laptop has dual radios and aerials (i.e. mentions 2x2 or MIMO, but most
    don't) like the router, you could get up to 144Mbps - you won't be able
    use all that in the real world, but the higher the better, e.g. you
    might get a 40Mbps fibre connection, but with a 56Mbps Wifi signal, the
    wifi would most likely be the bottle neck (or in many cases the servers
    you're connecting to).
    Andy Burns, Aug 31, 2014
  8. Davey

    MB Guest

    I have seen a few areas complaining about the cabinets appearing. As
    usual BT can't win!
    MB, Aug 31, 2014
  9. Davey

    Davey Guest

    And that would be the case for me. How else would people consider it?

    I have found the text of my original enquiry to Zen, and I asked "if it
    was possible to set up a 2nd Wireless Network for Visitors." The TG 585
    cannot, the Technicolor can.
    That leads me to a revised question:
    Is it possible to use my current Thompson TG585, with its one
    available network, to have the existing IP Camera via Extender
    passing data through to the Zoneminder PC, and also, on the same
    network, allow my laptop to communicate with the Internet? If it is, I
    have no idea how to set it up, and anyway I would first have to get the
    laptop's WiFi working properly with its Ubuntu 12.04. Maybe upgrading
    would improve this, of course. But that is a different problem.
    I'll revert to the Linux NG if I go further with this. It may be that
    fixing this problem will automatically make the laptop-to-Internet with
    the same network work automatically, solving two problems at one stroke.

    Again, I'm in unfamiliar territory, and all help is welcome and
    Davey, Aug 31, 2014
  10. If you are streaming HD TV off a home server to half a dozen smart TVS
    /PCs etc you will need that sort of local bandwidth.

    And more. Got 100Mbps full duplex ethernet here and its possible to
    saturate the servers channel.

    Remember wifi ain't duplex and it ain't full bandwith to any two
    machines who only want to talk to each other.

    In fact its like going back to the dark days of coaxial ethernet, where
    someone chattering to some machine stopped you chattering to a
    different one.

    The joys of switches and then twisted pair...
    The Natural Philosopher, Aug 31, 2014
  11. Davey

    Andy Burns Guest

    I don't know, it seemed to be /you/ who may have considered it
    different, given you didn't think multiple devices could be done, but
    obviously it was a misunderstanding.
    I've always found the GUI on the Thompson (perhaps just plusnet's
    flavour of firmware) pretty limiting when I've had to use it for other
    people's connections, I gather you can do a lot more through the command
    Andy Burns, Aug 31, 2014
  12. Davey

    Davey Guest

    That's good. First, I need to get the laptop Wifi working properly,
    then I'll come back to that.

    The approach of fibre has brought some other items out of hibernation.
    Davey, Aug 31, 2014
  13. Davey

    Davey Guest

    Yes. At the time, I was indeed asking about Visitors getting Wifi
    access, but since at that time I had only occasionally used any Wifi, I
    was not in a position of full knowledge of the terms in use.

    Can't comment, I have nothing to compare anything to.
    Davey, Aug 31, 2014
  14. Davey

    Davey Guest

    One of these is indeed in a most unsuitable place; as I mentioned
    earlier, it takes up half the width of the pavement, an open door must
    be over the carriageway. A few yards away, and it would be much less
    obstructive. It is clearly placed where it is to be opposite a
    well-used side road, as the chalk marks on the road surface indicate.
    And I still can't find any Planning Applications for the cabinets!
    Davey, Sep 1, 2014
  15. Davey

    Davey Guest

    Made an attempt to get the laptop Wireless working, and then came up
    against previous attempt failures, which had all landed up in a dead
    end. Bummer.
    Davey, Sep 1, 2014
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