Green Boxes

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Davey, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Our cabinet was replaced last month with a shiny new one - about the
    same size. And they've now pulled fibre.

    There is still only one cabinet - so presumably they're going to use the
    same one for FTTC and as a POTS junction box.

    Vir Campestris, Aug 26, 2014
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  2. Davey

    Davey Guest

    Which will probably get overfilled at some future date.
    Davey, Aug 26, 2014
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  3. Davey

    Mark Carver Guest

    Possibly, but I seem to recall 'POTS' engineers are not allowed to poke
    about inside FTTC cabinets, that's the job of an FTTC accredited engineer ?
    Mark Carver, Aug 26, 2014
  4. Davey

    Phil W Lee Guest

    That was how I found mine.
    Installation date for FTTC is set for Wednesday 3rd Sept :)
    They've estimated 47.9 down/12.6 up, but time will tell what I
    actually get - I get higher ADSL2+ speeds than any of my neighbours,
    so that might hold true for FTTC as well, as the wet string between me
    and the cabinet is clearly better than most :)
    Apparently, they'd supply FTTP here as well, but I daren't ask the
    price :-/
    Phil W Lee, Aug 26, 2014
  5. Davey

    Phil W Lee Guest

    The Company is subject to British Law for any business they do here,
    no matter where they offshore the data to.
    Phil W Lee, Aug 26, 2014
  6. Davey

    Phil W Lee Guest

    Was less than 6 months here.

    The only thing that you can be certain of is that it's extremely
    Phil W Lee, Aug 26, 2014
  7. Not hoping for any progress here as they reckon we'll have FTTC avaible
    here on the 31st December 2014 but they have been putting that date back
    every few months since December 2012 and our little green box is still
    exactly the same as it was in 2012. No new labels or anything on it
    yet, just it's number 253101 although on
    they refer to it as cabinet 1
    Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°14 + on netbook, Aug 26, 2014
  8. Davey

    Davey Guest

    Certainly better than mine, I can only get ADSL Max. Could this be a
    record, to go straight from pre-21CN service to Fibre in one leap?
    Of course, it will be seamless, and we won't feel a thing......
    Davey, Aug 27, 2014
  9. Davey

    Jim Guest

    Many of the application titles contain the term "DSLAM". More have
    Jim, Aug 27, 2014
  10. Davey

    Davey Guest

    I'll try those.

    Meanwhile, I went up to the closest box today, the one near the local
    'phone exchange. It has only a small paper sticker, with "7/7" and a
    5-digit ref number. I'll see if that gets me anywhere. Presumably it is
    Box 7 of 7 for the locality, which I can believe; there are three
    villages in a long line, and I know of one in each of two of them, so
    More interesting is that it is being installed by a branch of
    Morrison's, for BT Openreach. There is a new double-sized manhole in
    front of it.

    It must be fibre, there is no other sensible answer.
    Davey, Aug 27, 2014
  11. Brian Gregory, Aug 28, 2014
  12. Davey

    Davey Guest

    It looks as though it is a map that has details added by contributors,
    rather than using BT information.
    Davey, Aug 29, 2014
  13. Davey

    Mark Carver Guest

    Do what ? I just posted the link guv.
    Mark Carver, Aug 29, 2014
  14. Davey

    Adrian C Guest

    Adrian C, Aug 29, 2014
  15. Davey

    Phil W Lee Guest

    I know of a few rural exchanges where that is happening.
    Should we send out a search party when you go missing?
    Phil W Lee, Aug 30, 2014
  16. Davey

    Phil W Lee Guest

    Darn, that brings back memories.
    My grandparents used to live on Eastrop lane, and I spent many summers
    staying with them and roaming the area.
    Phil W Lee, Aug 30, 2014
  17. Davey

    Davey Guest

    Look for circling Apache helicopters, they use the area for training.

    We're waiting for Drones to start flying around sometime. Maybe they
    already are, we just don't hear or see them.
    Davey, Aug 30, 2014
  18. I've never seen one with a poster on it.
    Brian Gregory, Aug 30, 2014
  19. Davey

    Davey Guest

    Having established that Fibre is indeed coming to our village, I looked
    up Zen's webpage, (I get both 'phone and ADSL from Zen now) and I saw
    that they offer three different routers/switches.
    1. Technicolor TG582n; £35.94
    2. Netgear WNR2200; £60.00
    3. Technicolor TG760; £162.00

    Some price range. I would assume that the most basic would be sufficient
    for a simple domestic network, which has a requirement of one Wireless
    device. I think that "Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2x2 on board" means that
    it has the capacity to run more than one Wifi device, which would be
    nice. Is this correct? What is meant by '2x2', which is the same as
    '4' ?

    The Netgear is not so easy to understand.

    It mentions one Wireless port, but also says "Multiple
    SSID guest networks (separate security and access restrictions)", which
    might mean that it can handle more than one Wireless device. Is that
    what it means? Or do I have this completely upside down?

    Any help navigating this new world welcome.
    Davey, Aug 31, 2014
  20. Davey

    Andy Burns Guest

    All WiFi access points allow multiple devices to connect.
    It means it has two WiFi radios and two aerials, so with an 'n' device
    it can achieve up to 144Mbps throughput. With ADSL, the phone line is
    the slowest link, if you get decent speed with fibre, then you need
    faster WiFi to see the full benefit, do you know if your laptop(?) is
    'b', 'g' or 'n'?
    It means two separate WiFi networks (i.e, the name your laptop shows
    when detecting wifi) so you could have DaveysPrivate which allowed WiFi
    devices to connect to say your desktop PC and other network devices, the
    DaveysPublic which only allowed visitors to connect to the internet.

    Sounds like you don't have any need anything fancy though.
    Andy Burns, Aug 31, 2014
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