Great ihug deal LOL - Home Phone / National calls / Broadband with ONE GB of data each month - all f

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by E. Scrooge, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. E. Scrooge

    E. Scrooge Guest

    Well most people need a home phone at around $41 a month.

    National Calls $20 a month.

    Broadband with only 1 lousy GB a month - $30 a month.

    That's the deal someone I know of got suckered into. First 12 months the
    Broadband part of the package is free - which is actually all 12 GBs of it.

    The person on it is a very light user. I doubt if many experienced internet
    users would've been sucked into such a piss poor deal.

    Cheapest plan on Slingshot offers 10... that's TEN GBs a month for $35
    without phone and tolls - knock 10 bucks off with Slingshot tolls.

    How things have changed since all those years ago when innovators Nick and
    Tim were running ihug right from the very start.

    Wonder if even Telecom are even miserable enough to only offer a lousy ONE
    GB plan at $30 a month?

    Only proves that Vodafone intends on ripping off people new to computers who
    don't know any better.

    E. Scrooge
    E. Scrooge, Oct 26, 2007
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  2. E. Scrooge

    Cima Guest

    Er, their budget plan is FAR worse, LMAO!

    BASIC | 200 MB
    $29.95/month plus Excess Usage
    Cima, Oct 26, 2007
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  3. E. Scrooge

    E. Scrooge Guest

    Even most light to moderate dial up users would use at least 200 MB a month.
    Complete waste of time having Broadband if one doesn't have at least 5 GB of
    data with it.

    X-Net has an odd 2 price setup.
    1st cost is for speed of the Broadband plan chosen.
    2nd cost is the amount of data you choose to be capped at.
    Add them together and it's hardly good vaule at all compared to some bigger
    ISPs which have the customer numbers to offer more competitive deals.

    Slingshot are planning to offer a flat rate. While Telecom are finally
    going to use a little bit of their resources offering speed that other
    countries already have, but as usual with Telecom it's going to be over time
    before it will be available to most people.

    E. Scrooge
    E. Scrooge, Oct 26, 2007
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