graphics card or onboard video?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ron, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. ron

    ron Guest

    Hi I have a MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL MS-6738 motherboard with onboard
    graphics. I am running windows xp pro with sp2 update. I have been given a
    PCI graphics card S3 I think it is. It is about 5 years old. Will a PCI
    graphics card out-perform a built in graphics/video card?

    Thanks Ron
    ron, Aug 23, 2004
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  2. ron

    ICee Guest

    That one will not.
    ICee, Aug 23, 2004
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  3. ron Guest

    built in video shares the system's memory.
    video cards have their own memory + cooling system.

    you can put a shitty video card and get shitty performance.

    find a used 4xAGP vid card instead of a PCI.

, Aug 24, 2004
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