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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Hugo Drax, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Hugo Drax

    Hugo Drax Guest

    I got my grandstream phones budgetone-100s from not bad phones
    real nice audio quality and very loud ringer, the unit has a menu config
    option and http config option ( of the phone and you
    get an easy to config setup. plasticy lightweight build but not a badlooking
    phone and I do not see any reliability problems with it in a office
    environment (hey its 60-65 vs 290+ for a cisco set) the unit has a nice
    time/display always on with a backlight on the keys/lcd for night use.

    Great value for 60-65 bucks, easy to configure and supports straight IP
    dialing for proxyless environments, lots of codecs (unfortunately no GSM
    though), flashable firmware and tftp mass configurable. I recieved the set
    and sent one over the mail to my cousin upstate. He plugged his and I
    plugged mines in it was as easy as setting up a regular analog phone (plug
    and your ready) the numbers,etc... preconfigured by sipphone and labeled so
    you always know what number the handset is. it works well. has technical details and manuals etc.. for full details click add to cart, pay and in a week or so you have a pair
    of preconfigured units that anyone can setup (plug power in back, plug cable
    to hub, phone rings in a few seconds with a sipphone welcome verification
    and your good to go) nice easy experience.
    also has them 65 each (same pricing as sipphone)

    Anyhow the guys at should think about selling these units
    through bestbuy,circuit city etc.. since they are preconfigured they are
    plug and play and it is under the magical 100 dollar price point making it
    a easy sell. I can see mike living in NY buying one and telling JOE in
    California to go to the store and pick one up.
    Hugo Drax, Oct 8, 2003
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