Grandstream GXP-2000

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Sparks, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Sparks

    Sparks Guest


    Has anyone here got the above phone?

    If so, is it any good?

    I have a Grandstream BudgeTone 100 on my desk that seems to have died
    (When plugged in the backlight comes on, the button light comes on,
    the button light then goes off after about 3 seconds, then flashes three
    times, followed by one flash every 4 seconds forever, the backlight stays on
    all the time too, but it is not displaying anything. (If anyone has any idea
    how to fix this!)

    Sparks, Dec 5, 2006
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  2. Sparks

    Ivor Jones Guest

    A friend of mine has one, he seems to like it. Personally I don't like the
    display (not easy to read the text) and I found the menu system a little
    difficult, but I only looked at it briefly. Personally I prefer ATA's and
    ordinary phones.

    Ivor Jones, Dec 5, 2006
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  3. Sparks

    Sparks Guest

    What I would really like, is a phone with a park-hold button, so you can
    take a call, put them on park hold, then pick them up on another phone by
    pressing one button (I am using Trixbox, if that is relevant) any
    suggestions on this!?

    Sparks, Dec 5, 2006
  4. Thus spaketh Sparks:
    I'd be interested in that too.

    Also be able to park a call onto slot number 1, another onto slot 2,
    another onto slot 3 etc, and then be able to pick the call back up from
    the assigned slot.
    {{{{{Welcome}}}}}, Dec 5, 2006
  5. Sparks

    Jono Guest

    It happens that Sparks formulated :
    You can sort of do that with Meetme , although not with a single
    button, admittedly.

    Transfer your caller to a conference & then dial into the conference
    from any phone.


    Use the attended transfer/call park function.

    On my system, whilst on a call, I can dial #70. This gives the caller
    MOH & I hear the parked extension location, usually 71.

    I can then dial 71 from any phone & be connected to the parked caller.

    I suppose if you restrict the parking extension to just be 71 & make
    sure you only park one caller at a time, you could programme #70 into
    the memory button of a phone & label it "Park", then store 71 in
    another memory & label it "Pick up"..........
    Jono, Dec 5, 2006
  6. Sparks

    Tim Bray Guest

    Any of the Snom phones will do this.

    Tim Bray, Dec 5, 2006
  7. Sparks

    linker3000 Guest

    You can do that with the GXP2000.

    I have about 8 of them on our VoIP system - observations as follows:

    1) Overall very stable - once logged on to the VoIP system they pretty
    much stay logged on forever.

    2) LCD can be hard to see in bright light. My white LED backlight has
    dimmed quite a bit in the 3 months or so I have had it.

    3) Good functionality (buttons for lots of things)

    4) Yep, menu system is clumsy but you don't need to dive in to it much.

    5) The phone has Busy Lamp Field (BLF) buttons/LEDs that can be
    programmed to monitor other extensions (if you are on an internal
    system) and also pick up other ringing extensions

    6) Mic volume can be a tad low - callers sometimes ask me to speak up if
    I don't have the phone too close to my mouth.

    Overall, though, it's my favourite phone for the price. You might also
    want to look at the Budgetone 200 which is a 'better' BT100 but without
    the features of the GXP2000
    linker3000, Dec 5, 2006
  8. I've installed a dozen or so of these recently. So far so good. They can
    take a bit of programming via the web interface, but having the IP address
    right there on the display is a boon compared to 100 & 200's (although it's
    only a couple of button pushed to get them to display the IP addresses)

    You might be intersted in this:

    if you have several of them to program up - it's a little easier to use
    than their supplied (huge!) java application to generate the config files.

    The latest firmware for them has the ability to download
    speed-dials and a "screen saver" image but I've not delved into that yet.
    No idea about this, sorry - I've got 2 of these and they are working
    just fine so-far!

    Gordon Henderson, Dec 6, 2006
  9. Sparks

    Sparks Guest

    Well, Ordered form Sipgate on Thursday (75.90GBP delivered), arrived by UPS
    today - I expected a euro power adaptor, as it was coming from Germany, but
    it has a UK one :)

    There wasn't any instructions in the (plain white) box at all, just the
    phone, not sure if this is normal or not.

    I am impressed!

    I am using it with Trixbox.

    BLF lights work a treat, when another extension is busy, their light goes
    red - if the other extension is ringing, the light fast-flashes red, and I
    can even answer that call by pressing the button.

    Display is really easy to read, the tilting action makes it great.

    It really is wall mountable (The Budgetone-100 had wall mount holes at the
    back, but no way to hook the receiver to the phone, so wall mounting it
    would mean the receiver would never stay on the base!)

    I would like a timer on the backlight though, so I can set to on and off
    time - (I have sent an email to Grandstream, it might help!)

    Setup was easy, I found the menu system easy to navigate, contrary to other
    peoples experiences, maybe it's just me though!

    The phone book does not seem to do number matches with inbound calls like
    mobiles do, this would have been nice.

    Having multiple lines is useful, I can put one call on hold while I make
    another call, then swap between the two, or conference them all very easily.

    The hands-free speaker is really loud (at max volume!)

    The mute button seems to mute both parties, so if I mute a call, I can't
    hear the caller. an option to change this would be good.

    All in all, I like it a lot so far!

    Sparks, Dec 13, 2006
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