Got this Item on sale on eBay and would like to invite you to have alook into..

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Black_fiesta, Sep 23, 2010.

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    This is an indoor soft play playstructure, that allows kids to
    express themselves, enjoy themselves, exercise and helps keep fit.
    Helps with motor and cognitive development in children.

    Colorful and fun play structure for children. The structure covers an
    area L 6m W 5m and H 3m. Consists of tunnel, 2 slides, ball pool with
    a ball shower above. Ball wind tube that flows around the structure
    using an electric standard socket.Baby or toddler area for ages 0-2
    years. The structure holds maximum 20 kids up to age 9.

    The structure is used, but very clean and still new as it has hardly
    been used due to where it had been located. Meets all the rigorous
    health and safety standards. Meets all the rigorous health and safety
    standards. The price includes supplier transporting the unit and
    reinstalling to current dimensions at buyer premises

    We can provide an invoice for the purchase and all support manuals.

    If extra tools or piecs were required for reinstallation, there may be
    a small additional charge for this.
    The structure is available now and can be delivered at short notice

    (Italian - version )
    Area giochi ideale per asili, ludoteche, ristoranti, alberghi,

    Coloratissima area giochi,costituita da diversi spazi con scivoli,
    percorsi per arrampicarsi, tunnel e angoli con attività stimolanti;
    area separata per i più piccoli. Adatta a bambini di età compresa fra
    gli 0 e 8 anni. 6m x 5m x 3m (altezza) per un totale di 30 mq di
    superficie. In ottimo stato, praticamente nuova perchè usata
    pochissimo. Possibilità di ri-installamento dalla locazione attuale a
    Udine in un nuovo ambiente da parte della ditta inglese da cui è stata
    Davvero unica, divertimento assicurato per ore, disponibile da ora, il
    prezzo è un affare!
    Black_fiesta, Sep 23, 2010
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